Friday, August 31, 2007

Fan of the Week: Double Feature

It was too close on these two fans to select just one. I kept going back and forth then decided why not have both? This is not intended as a slight but as a compliment to these wonderful ladies who each are all about Teamwork.

Both these fans go far beyond what could be expected. They both realize the importance of spreading word of Jericho far and wide so they both Digg, comment on articles, and post on several message boards. Who knows where a new fan might land looking for guidance? While encouraging everyone to post at the CBS message board they both realize the message must span the Internet as well as including grass roots efforts.

Kystorms and Hawksdomain are civic-minded, involved fans. Please help them with all their efforts. Feel free to contact them for more information.

Jericho Rangers 4 Our Troops

kystorms blog

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jericho, Nuts, and Survival

There are over 600 yahoo groups under the survivalist category.
Survivalretreat is the 2nd largest with 2,024 members

Here are the groups by size:

You might want to also note JerichoCBS is #5

CBS is Nuts and the Return of Jericho
Welcome this new Ranger

Comments about Darcy Hawkins/April Parker. She's my favorite too.

To all those who have or have family that have served or are currently serving please check out a message board created for everyone to come together and share stories, laughter and tears and just talk, be there to support each other.

"Nielsen levels ratings field"

A Woman's Ode to Survivalism

A Woman’s Ode to Survivalism
by Deborah in the UP

I’m not into fashion
I like camouflage
I got surveillance equipment
Stashed out in my garage
I don’t wear many skirts
I kinda like my jeans
And they go so much better with
My bullets and my beans.

Now don’t be thinking that I’m crazy,
Not a sociopath, not even mean,
But if you come a knockin’
Keep your hands where they are seen…..

I got a Smith & Wesson,
AK and Mossberg too,
One Colt, two Beretta’s,
A Kel Tech.. Hmm that one’s new

I don’t know when the SWHTF
But I’ll let you in on a secret,
Let you in on my plan ….
I’ve got water, and I’ve got fish
I’ve got ammo in my pockets
And a camera in my Dish.

I got flour, sugar and my salt,
And if you don’t, that’s not my fault

I’m replanting my lawn with berries and their thorns
All just to protect, all just to warn.
Maybe a few bushes, maybe a few vines,
And as far as you know, maybe a few mines…

The pantry is full of canned goods
Closets are filled up too
Everything’s been inventoried
Even all my shoes.

Kerosene is for the lamp light
And matches are a must.
No one knows what I have
For there’s no one that I trust.

Chickens I will raise, maybe some rabbits on my land,
And a nice big garden, to help me feed the clan .
Seeds I’ve got, oh, ain’t it nice,
I got all that and three kinds of rice.

I got flour, sugar and my salt,
And if you don’t, that’s not my fault

I don’t get the hurricanes
No floods or earthquakes here,
Just lots of icy blizzard snow
And Mutant Zombie Deer.

I’m ready for a nuke blast
Solar flares or acid rain
I’m ready for the Bird Flu
When the world gets quite insane.

I’ve done my preps,
Checked them double twice,
Not like in Jericho
Cause folks won’t be that nice.

My BOB is packed ..
Now what did I forget?
Oh yeah, the gennie’s full
And sitting on the deck.

When TEOTWAWKI is finally here,
I’ll be hunkered in my retreat,
family will be near,

And I got flour, sugar and my salt,
And if you don’t, that’s your own damn fault

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mr. Peanut Needs You

Re-enlist In The Jericho Army Today!

Are you one of the Nuts who saved Jericho?

Do you still want more than just 7 new episodes?

Please! Come Home to Jericho! Jericho needs your support again.

120,608 people signed the petition to save Jericho! Where are you now?

We need more people on the to help us fight for Season 3.

CBS needs to know we won't give up.

We must show CBS that we are still here actively promoting.

Please come home and save Jericho again.

Shoshannah Stern/Bonnie Coming to Nashville, Tennessee

See here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Flawed Nielsen Assumptions

Rich at Copywrite Ink always uses Saturdays to write an article about Jericho. This past Saturday was no exception. The article's title is: "Paint By Numbers: Network Ratings." You can read the entire article here.

What I found to be of particular interest were the comments left on the article.
First, there's PlatPat from the CBS board who says, "The entire systems is flawed in too many ways to "count"!!

First, there's the problem with the location placement of the puny number of boxes;

Then, the puny number of boxes;

Then, the demographic factor of throwing out the boomer generation;

Then, the fact that it is "assumed" that if the TV is tuned into a show in a Neilsen household that ANYONE is actually watching the TV;

Then, it is "assumed" that if that household has 5 members, that those 5 members are all watching;

Then, it is "assumed" that if 3 of those 5 members are within the proper demographic, that all 3 of them are watching.

Then, those same factors are "assumed" for any DVR or TiVo timeshifting numbers;

Then, there's the problem that advertisers are convinced they want to use these numbers when paying for advertising.

How many ways can something be broken before it gets fixed?"

Rich replied, "I think you nailed most of the flaws; great run down. It only gets worse from there.

These numbers are then used to justify critical reviews, build and kill careers, sell advertising, position networks, etc. Is it any wonder we watch programming and wonder why certain advertisements completely miss us as consumers?

Sadly, it is not so much as how broken does it have to get, but what can we replace it with. That seems to be what most people are trying to work on now, but unfortunately, they are also pretending these numbers mean something in the meantime.

Four to five years is a tremendous amount of time for Nielsen to make good on its "everybody counts" concept. Entire companies are founded, shine, and burn out or bought out in less time."

Why is this important? Because this is the system we're stuck with and the one CBS uses. I want to make sure, if they try to cancel Jericho again, that we have plenty of ammunition with which to fight back. I'm adding this exchange to my arsenal. You should too.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Preparing For Fall

*** Announcement***
I am happy to report that Fan Central has established a Jericho Ranger of the Week project. This is totally separate from the JerichoMonster Fan of the Week so you have a chance of being selected from both places. Thanks.

Here are the top television markets as estimated by Nielsen Media Research this week.

"Rich and risky among trends for new season"
Maureen Ryan/Chicago Tribune

Fall premiere dates

"The Return of Jericho"

Disaster Preparedness For Pets

Disaster Preparedness For Horses

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jericho, Filet Mignon, and Moonves

****I have been making new posts every day around midnight and I've decided to change that. I will be posting earlier in the evening about 3-4 hours earlier than midnight. Just wanted to make you aware.This post will be dated today but is actually my Sunday blog. Thanks.****

Update on Moonves and Taxes:

"Getting Too Big for His Own Taxes?"

Yes, more information from the NY Times about Les Moonves and his taxes.

Seems CBS wrote a letter explaining how CBS would pay NY taxes for him.

"The letter to Mr. Moonves outlining the contract changes also makes it clear that he would be in charge if not for the continued presence of Sumner M. Redstone, the 84-year-old executive chairman and founder. It states that the heads of all of CBS’s operating divisions report to Mr. Moonves and he reports only to the board of directors — and to Mr. Redstone “for so long as” he is executive chairman."

***That sounds ominous. If Moonves eventually takes over Redstone's position then it follows that Moonves would get a raise. He could then have CBS pay all his taxes. Would that include taxes paid on food as well? We poor people know how high those are. Filet mignon anyone?***

Then, there's this:

"I've learned that egoist Les Moonves is talking out of both sides of his mouth concerning the erupting controversy over his CBS fall reality show Kid Nation."

Would he do that?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jericho's New Angel: Cindy

Our Monster Fan of the Week is GaTravelGal who passed away last weekend. Her real name was Cindy. She was a Ranger and loved Jericho completely. She worked tirelessly at promoting Jericho and motivating others to get involved. She set an example we all can only hope to follow.

There is a thread where you can support the idea of Cindy receiving a Jericho dedication in Episode One of Season 2. Please go here to add your sentiments. What a fitting, perfect tribute it would be.

See xrammy's tribute to Cindy here.

In Memoriam: GaTravelGal

A Lost Ranger: Jericho Fans Mourn the Loss of GaTravelGal

Friday, August 24, 2007

Interview With Blog Goddess

By popular request: Blog Goddess:

1. What is your real name?

Well, some call me Jane or Jericho Jane. Others call me JerichoSaved or sweat629 or sweat1951 or pamsabby and even Blog Goddess.

2. Why so many names?

I was on the CBS board as sweat1951 and got banned so I became sweat629. I joined RadioFreeJericho and used pamsabby for some reason. My real name is Jane but a friend calls me Jericho Jane. After I started blogging my friends at RFJ started calling me Blog Goddess because I blog for Jericho.

3. How many blogs do you have?

I have three. My main blog is JerichoMonster. There was so much information that I needed to post that I started Arabelle's Alley which is named for my puppy. Then came JerichoCentral because, again, there was too much information for just 2 blogs.

4. Why are you so Nuts about Jericho?

I loved the show as soon as it first aired. Smith and Daybreak had just been canceled and I was upset about them. When Jericho was canceled it was the last straw. I couldn't bear the thought of not finding out who Hawkins really is or what Jake has in his past. The main thing I loved from the start was the feeling that there were secrets to be revealed down the road.

5. Who is your favorite character and why?

I love all the people on Jericho even that Mayor. My favorite, though, has always been Darcy Hawkins/April Parker. I think she is much tougher than anyone knows. Robert thinks he knows her but I doubt that. I see much flowing beneath the surface in Darcy and, one day, it will bubble up and out. It actually started to in the finale.

6. What will happen next season?

I'm not sure but I think Jake and Emily will be married by Season 3. Eric will marry Mary Bailey but they'll be divorced by Season 4. In Season 10 I think Hawkin's children will be wanting to follow in their father's footsteps.

7. Who will be the Mayor after Gray gives it up?

Oh, that role will be played by Nina Tassler. See, by then, she's going to say, "If you can't beat Jericho, join it" so she'll be Mayor.

8. What about Stanley and Mimi? Will they get married?
Oh yes. By Season 5 they will get the farm up and running again because Stanley will decide to have a peanut farm which will do very well and Mimi will raise chickens. Did you know her Chicken and Dumplings will be the rage by Season 12? She'll be the one who ends up owing the IRS.

9. This is very interesting. Do you have a source for this information?

Source? You mean like at CBS or on the set?

10. Yes, that's it.

Yes, I have a source. He's rarely seen but he's always lurking. He hears the writers and producers talk about upcoming seasons. I suppose you want me to reveal my source but I will only reveal it in Season 15.

11. Any final comments?

Yes, I'd like to say that I heard a rumor about Leslie Moonves joining the cast soon. He's supposed to play the role of Mimi's boss at the IRS. He'll be coming to town to let Jericho's citizens know that disaster or not they still have to pay state and local taxes.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Memoriam: GaTravelGirl

We were all shocked and saddened today to learn that GaTravelGal passed away unexpectedly last weekend. Today I dedicate this blog to her for her love and dedication to Jericho. Keep reading and see why she was a special lady. She will not be forgotten.

July 10, 2007:

GaTravelGirl establishes the Jeriatric Boomers Ward at CBS:


Hey y'all! I know this has been posted before, but I'm just curious as to how many baby-boomers are in the fan base. I've been referring to myself as a Jericho Jeriatric! I'm 56, hubby is 51, so we're definitely boomers. I'd love to hear from the rest of you. I'd also like CBS to see that this show appeals to us older folks (Jeriatrics) too. Thanks for participating!"

July 11:

"Please tell tell your mom that all of us Jericho Rangers appreciate her support during the Save Jericho Campaign, especially using her SS funds to help out! Let's hope CBS is reading this thread so they'll know how vast the fan base is, and that Jericho appeals to ALL ages. Thanks for posting!"

Aug. 5:

"The 50's: I was born in '51 so I can't remember too much from the early 50's, but some things I do remember are watching Romper Room & Capt. Kangaroo in the mornings before I went to school. As I got older, I remember coming home from junior & senior high and watching The Secret Storm with my mom. I remember riding the street car to downtown Pittsburgh with my parents because we didn't have a car. I remember having a hula-hoop and a "Shirley Temple" doll.

The 60's: I was a teenager in the 60's, graduated in '69. Of course the biggest news was the appearance of The Beatles. I remember getting my first stereo, thinking I was one of the luckiest girls on the face of the planet. On this stereo I played my 45's & even some old 33-1/2's & 78's. I remember always playing just one side of the record because the flip side was something no one ever heard of! I remember wearing mohair sweaters and plaid skirts to school, with knee socks & either saddle shoes or "maryjanes". I remember taking some of the mohair and wrapping it around my boyfriend's class ring so it wouldn't fall off. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I was really into Motown....Smokey & the Miracles, The Tempations, etc. I remember ironing my hair or going to bed with orange juice cans to make it as straight as possible...along with extremely long bangs! Ahhh, the 60's, I could go on and on....

The 70's: I was married & had 2 children in the 70's. I never really got into the whole "flower child-psychedelic" scene. I will admit, I did get into the disco scene a little bit, but mostly R&B like Earth, Wind & Fire. I actually wore "hot pants" to work with my tall white boots. (OMG!) I had the "Farrah Faucett" hair too!

Anyway...these are just a few of my memories. Care to share any of yours? It might be a real "pick-me-up" for us Boomers during these long, hot summer days (& nights). Come on JERIatrics...let's share memories again!"

She also had her own blog doing TV reviews.

Thanks to Susan Davis:
"In the spirit of remembrance for a fallen ranger or, as need2no2 so eloquently put it, a Jericho Angel I am hoping we can observe a thread of silence for GaTravelGal to show that our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and everyone she touched in her life.

If everyone could please post 5 stars in your reply to observe the thread of silence. "

GaTravelGirl is our Monster Fan of the Week for her tireless support of Jericho and her love for all Jericho Rangers. See a special tribute to her here on Sat.

Rest in peace JerichoAngel.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boom For Jericho?

"Big boom for Turteltaub: CBS Par deal"
Good for Jericho?

Nuciferous: "Shaun Daily of Blogtalkradio, covers some of the action on the first day of shooting season two of JERICHO. Shaun speaks with some of the cast and gets some more teasers for all of JERICHO nuts."

I am still finding misinformation which troubles me greatly. I found this posting, " All of us have to make an effort to watch the show live, not use our DVR's to timeshift the show to a more convenient time."
I will get on my soapbox again and say that you can watch Jericho any way you choose because, unless you are a Nielsen family, you do not count. Let's try to spread the word on this. Thanks.

The Salty Scoop Updated: Must Read

Ride For Your Life
Some more news links from starting ride: wearing jersey in ALL of them
Gary Gianetti wearing Jericho jersey while riding.
Please digg or comment on these articles. Thanks.,0,2938839.story

" Jericho:Will It Survive?"

"How To Save Your Struggling Show"

"Reality check for CBS over 'Kid Nation'"
By Maria Elena Fernandez

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jericho Blog and Survey

Production Blog Updated:
JD Streett
Jericho Department of Research and Destructive Testing

Just a small survey. Your opinions are important. What do you like/dislike about Fan Central? What types of items would you like to see when you go there? What would attract new fans?
Go here to respond. Thanks.

The Jericho Times newsletter has over 650 subscribers and is sent out every Wednesday. Submissions of news, fan initiatives and updates on activities on the fan community boards are both welcome and appreciated. Weekly deadline for submissions to is Tuesday at 4:00pm.

Our Fan of the Week is terocious.
I first noticed terocious in the "Passions" thread. He is very friendly and welcoming and loves Jericho. In the past week he has seemed to branch out. I see his comments posted in various places and he can Digg with the best of us. He has also been submitting stories to Digg and I've seen him out on other threads much more often. Thank you terocious!


Jericho Recap-A.K.A. by Remote Access

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jericho,RealPlayer, and Gerbers

I read an article this weekend and here is an interesting comment from it:

"CBS has the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with me. I’m coming back over and over to their site, to spend “quality time” with their show. They could ask as few as 1 or 2 questions in return for providing each episode on demand for free and start customizing the commercials. Right now, I get one for Gerbers baby food (I’m a single male over 40 with no intentions of breeding) and for AT&T Wireless- to whom I’m already stuck with, since I have an iPhone. Irrelevant ads, presented by the most relevant personalized delivery system."

***Guess what he was trying to watch? Yes, Jericho. This is a first time viewer that CBS is ticking off. Here's what he says next:

"After almost 2 hours of trying to watch via “realplayer” I gave up and went to iTunes to purchase the show. Advertisers like AT&T, All State, Gerbers, should be ticked off at CBS- because now, I won’t see their commercials. Also- they should note- their spots aren’t being displayed properly- with about a 1/4 of the screen showing.
Not only that- the difference between watching iTunes H.264 version vs RealPlayer is like the difference between VHS and HiDef.
CBS- you are lame. No wonder people don’t want to watch your network."

*** Thank goodness he went to iTunes or we'd have lost a new viewer and fan. ***

This next comment was left on one of my blogs:

"One thing leaps off the pages -- the network and advertising execs are wracking their brains to figure out a way to "force" the viewers to watch commercials and how to count it. Yet they still use Nielsens. Nielsens count 25,000 tvs; and all they count is that the tv is tuned in and turned on -- NOT whether anyone is sitting in front of it actually watching!

Some advertisers are trying to use the DVR technology, but once again that tracks only those people who subscribe to a service, not people like me who own a DVD player- recorder AND this service cannot tell them if someone is sitting in front of the tv actually watching or whether they let the commercial run while they prepared a snack or used the facilities! The coupon technique, while inventive, like everything else will become old after the first couple of times.

Why don't they ask us, the viewers, what we would be willing to watch and just how much advertising we want crammed down our throats? How about if an advertiser announces at the beginning of a show and maybe 2 or 3 times during the show, for your viewing pleasure, the XYZ company sponsors the next 15 minutes of Jericho. To learn more about [our product] go to We appreciate your patronage.

That's what I would watch. That and something that is entertaining and funny. How about a commericial that is telling a story that you don't know what's going on until you get to the 4th installment at the end of the show! How about something clever and forward thinking; different; unusual. I thought ad execs were "creative"!!

Well, there, I got that off my chest. But really, just how much advertising is too much? Everywhere we turn, we are inundated to the point that, don't know about you, but I am totally tuned out. When I want to know about something, I google it. End of story."

*** I agree with this. Why don't they ask us? Put out some polls. I like commercials that keep me wondering what will happen next. We need some creative ads. The ones I see are plain boring.***

Then there's this:

"The time when the Lipsmackinthirstquenchin ads of yesteryear were created, were the times of Big TV, few media alternatives and ├╝ber ratings. Today, with more channels, time-shifting, place-shifting and a veritable explosion in media options for consumers, the opportunities for any given campaign to have similar impact are diminished, as well as harder and more costly to exploit. Beside the increases in the cost of production and distribution of ads, the proliferation of platforms and the subsequent impact on the sheer number of messages consumers receive (and send) in any given day makes it harder for a campaign to cut through the clutter." Mike Bloxham

Come on,CBS. We're trying to haul in viewers and you're ticking them off. Well, when you aren't too busy pre-empting Jericho.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jericho Suggestions, Trivia, and Captured

Bear can be found at:
CafePress/Radio Free Jericho

From Cultural Learnings:

"So, fans of Jericho, what suggestions do you have for Jericho Fan Central? Send me an email at cultural.learnings @ and I’ll be putting your suggestions into next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays! Try to get them in before Thursday so I’ll have time to put them together."

“That might explain why the 9 p.m. hour went to ABC’s two episodes of “George Lopez,” which averaged a 3.1/5 between them. FOX’s football was second, followed very closely by the 2.7/5 for NBC’s “Las Vegas.” The CW’s wrestling-type-entertainment and CBS’ “Jericho” posted almost the identical 2.6/5.“

*** Remember-Jericho was pre-empted by football in some areas.***

Very interesting article about Jericho, CBS, and personalizing ads.

Black Jack Fairgrounds Capture game - Want to have some fun with a Jericho friend? Send them to the Black Jack Fairground for something they needed. It can be something funny or practical. The *guards* will hold them ransom until people show up to trade something to get them back!

JERICHO TRIVIA with Morgan -- Now twice weekly!
Meet in the JERICHO LIBRARY at Jeritopia

Saturday Night, 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central.
Tuesday Night, 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

How To Promote Jericho

How Do You Promote? These are just a few excellent ideas. There'll be more soon.

1. Verbal and e-mail promoting to family, friends, and perfect strangers who will stand still long enough to listen.
Wearing and using Jericho-themed gear.
Digging and/or commenting on Jericho-related blogs on a daily basis.
Making U*Tube vids (and sending the links around).
Community stuff, like putting up flyers for the upcoming DVD release and Friday night re-runs, and making and putting homemade Jericho bookmarks in all my library books. (And taking a fistful of bookmarks with me to the library and sticking them in all the new and best-selling books.)
Sending emails to CBS when I've watched Jericho episodes, either on Innertube or on TV when they air.

2. I still make it a point to give out copies of the first two shows that I now have, to people who are interested. Between myself and my brother we have given out over 250 copies since May.

3. I create videos, and graphics for promotion. I've created 8 Jericho t-shirt designs, and of course I post here there and everywhere. I also tell as many people as I can about what they're missing if we don't see more episodes.

4. I vote, digg, leave comments, reply to audience services, I talk unstoppably about Jericho to everyone I meet. I am on the CBS message boards just as often as I can be and talk to as many new people that come to the boards as possible.

5. Each week I find a different video and send it to everybody in my address book along with a reminder to watch Jericho.

6. I think I have told anyone who is willing to stand there and listen to me about the show. I'm still putting labels on all of my snail mail with Jericho viewing info and the link to this site and Jericholives and when I think about it and have time I do write this link on my dollar bills. And I put up flyers anywhere where there is a bulletin board.

7. Most of my promoting is by word of mouth. I bring it up in conversation whenever I get a chance, and find that works quite well. I have gotten a few people watching just by doing that. I loved somebodys idea about writing on snail mail, and I do write little messages on all envelopes that I send. I plan to buy several DVDs. I hope they sell a lot of them. I think writing CBS and e-mailing them are extremely important after we watch live, and most of all make sure to WATCH JERICHO LIVE!!!

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Friday, August 17, 2007

10 Reasons We Promote Jericho

A lot of new Rangers have joined us so I thought it might be helpful to explain why it's important to promote Jericho.

Coming Tomorrow: How To Promote Jericho

Why Do We Promote Jericho?

1. CBS only promised us 7 new episodes. They want viewership to increase and that means we must try to reach as many people as we can so we are able to reach Nielsen viewers. Why Nielsen families? Because they are the only ones who have the black box/diary to be counted. Same with DVR/TiVo, etc. You only count if you're a Nielsen family.

2. I put too much work into the "Save Jericho" campaign to see the show falter. I promote the show so that CBS can see just how popular this show really is (or can be), and so they extend the 2nd season beyond 7 episodes. And I promote the show because I like the show, and I genuinely want the people I like to watch and enjoy it as much as I do.

3. The Nielson issue is a sore spot for me as I am Canadian and we are not included in the Nielson ratings. That is why Jericho was cancelled. The numbers were not there because CBS only went by the Nielsens. This has to change !!! We have to show them we are out there watching on various ways not just network T.V. We have fought for so long and so hard to wake up CBS...Now we have to work even harder to secure season 3 and beyond. We can't slack off now that we have those 7 episodes, we have to step up the pace as it is vacation time and the boards are slower. We must get those new viewers to show CBS we are the best fans of the best show on TV today!!!!

4. I have said this before & I will say it again...CBS gave us 7 episodes to shut us up! It is called crowd control. Give them what they want & they will back down...and once the "Ratings" don't shine through (because they are using a horrific means of calculating viewers) They can say...OH we tried, we gave you what you wanted but you did not deliver~ Sorry ~ CANCELLED!

5. I am promoting Jericho because I love the show, and it is quality programming. I have been continuing to tell friends about it, digging and commenting on articles, voting in the polls and letting CBS know when I watch on Friday nights. I have also been e-mailing sponsors to let them know that I not only watch the commercials, but buy their products as well. I will be buying the boxed set of season 1, just can't pre-order right now.

6. I am and will continue to promote Jericho for several reasons but the main one is because of the unity of humanity at work in Jericho.Everyone is pulling together for survival and no one is worried about color, religion, class, sexual orientation or corporate status. I love this show for these reasons. I will continue to fight to keep Jericho for as long as it takes to ensure as many more seasons as possible.

7. But, the networks, especially CBS, really need to realize that Nielsen is a dinosaur and there is more to judging a television show’s success other than just “a random sampling” of numbers.

8. We promote JERICHO because we know how truly excellent it is, we believe that anyone left out there who has yet to watch, is missing the VERY BEST show that has come to TV in a very, very long time & shame on us for not trying to get them to tune in and experience Jericho
for themselves!

9. I promote Jericho because I love the show and I want more than 7 more episodes. We have only won a battle and not yet the war.

10. CBS has responded to our calls to bring back the series, but this also raises my biggest fear; that CBS will now knock out a fast, quick seven episodes that will clumsily wrap things up, and in the process, lose forever the opportunity for so many other story lines. I hope not.

This series has a broader demographic than CBS realizes; my buddy and I are baby boomers, but we both know younger (and OLDER) fans of the series, and we ALL were bewildered when it was cancelled. Obviously, from the outcry and the actions of my fellow Rangers, CBS may have made a slight error in judgment...

And, that's why I believe we promote Jericho. And nuts.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Digg For Jericho

Beginner's Guide To Digg

Everything you could ever need to know about Digging.

Look Out CBS!
"More Consumers Turn to PCs for Entertainment"

'DVR Busters' Generate Buzz -- but Consumers Continue to Fast-Forward

Jericho Links

Check this out here.

Just an idea for Fan Central. Would it be possible to have a Fan Panel? CBS could post a poll like " Which of these venues would be best suited to advertise Jericho"? Or something like " Which one of these promotional ideas do you believe would be most beneficial to Jericho?"

Do this maybe 3 days a week and actually consider the responses seriously. Please use our ideas. We can help.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jericho: Expanded Universe Short Story

Expanded Universe Short Story Competition

The Story. Write a 250- to 1,000-word short story about something happening in the expanded universe of Jericho (outside of Jericho) with original characters. While Jericho can be mentioned, please refrain from using anything that may interfere with future plot lines. Your name and address must be included on the e-mailed entry (we will publish pseudonyms upon request).

The Submission. Please submit the story in the body of an e-mail (no attachments, please) to by no later than 5 p.m. PST on Aug. 17, 2007.

Play Station Users Want to Emulate Jericho Fans

Skeet Links

More Skeet

Ashley Scott Links

More Ashley

Sprague Grayden

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CBS, Variety, and TiVo

Myles at Cultural Learnings talks to CBS about Jericho.

It's all in the communication.

Variety has a great idea for CBS:
"Idea is to create a new batch of Internet stars (think lonelygirl15), as well as provide marketing opportunities for entertainment brands that want to be associated with young talent. (CBS, for example, might want to hype "Jericho" by offering a walk-on role on the show as a prize)."

"Foxman: CBS 'facilitating' anti-Semitism"

"CBS has taken a fifty percent ownership stake in the online talent search Big Shot. According to Variety, they are attempting to move their TV syndication model to the Internet."

"How desperate is network TV getting about the proliferation of ad-zapping DVRs? Check out this ridiculous study from NBC Universal."

"U.S. TV season could see weaker CBS - study"

"Formula for TiVo-proof Ads Remains Elusive"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Viewer-Centric CBS?

"Viewers will know score with CBS alert"
Hollywood Reporter

"CBS announced what it called a new "viewer-centric" marketing initiative to keep audiences informed if their favorite television show is delayed because of sports or news broadcasts that run over. CBS Eye-lert, which launches in the fall, will enable viewers to be notified via e-mail and text message if the start time of a program is delayed."

Hey CBS how does this help all the people whose show is pre-empted? Let me think of an example.... I've got it. How about viewers of Jericho? If you pre-empt Jericho on a Friday night will you then send out an alert to let us know we missed it? Is this another way of saying "pre-empted" yet using the word "delayed"?

Thanks but no thanks.

Speaking of "viewer-centric", is that what CBS has been lately as it involves Jericho?
I think not.

"Web turns TV ratings around"
Australian but interesting.

For more on communication issues between CBS and Jericho fans go here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jericho Fans Await Smoke Signal

Rich of Copywrite Ink writes today about the mixed messages from CBS to Jericho fans. One point he makes is:

"When you have several thousand fans promoting a show at a set time every Friday night, they feel kind of silly when their friends call them, e-mail them, or twit them back to ask “What show?”

That's what happened August 10 when CBS pre-empted Jericho and aired a football game. Fans were left to find out for themselves and new viewers may still be wondering what happened. What CBS has failed to learn after all this time is that fans just want to be kept informed. We're out here working for new viewers then this new viewer goes to watch Jericho and they see football instead. There was no announcement at the end of last week's show to let any viewers know when Jericho would be back. We already know about the next pre-emption on August 24th but it would be nice for CBS to announce to new viewers when Jericho will be back. CBS is also skipping an episode and they haven't explained that either.

Rich discusses the inconsistencies in statements by Nina Tassler and Les Moonves. I hope they have a clearer sense of things now:

June 6, 2007:
In a message on the CBS board Nina says:
"It needs to grow on the CBS Television Network, as well as on the many digital platforms where we make the show available."
***Here she mentions watching more than just our TV.***

In the June 9, 2007 New York Times

"CBS now has a message: Please watch “Jericho” on broadcast television.

Because CBS finances its shows based on measures of viewership of regularly scheduled broadcasts, “it’s of primary importance,” Nina Tassler, the president of CBS Entertainment, said in an interview.

“We want them to watch on Wednesday at 8 o’clock,” or whenever CBS schedules the return of the series later this year, Ms. Tassler said. “And we need them to recruit new viewers who are going to watch the broadcast.”

***Now she's back to watching Jericho only on TV.***

The very next day Moonves is interviewed by Ken Auletta of the New Yorker."
He says, “So at the end of the day, as long as I'm getting paid for it, I don't care whether you are watching CSI on CBS at 9 p.m. on Thursday night, on your DVR, if you are getting it on, or So once again, the distinction, you are still watching CSI.”

***Moonves just wants money no matter what. How much is he losing by not counting all his Jericho viewers?***

***Does Moonves even know who his viewers are? ***

Look at this quote about Katie Couric:

"Moonves says Couric's newscast is designed to attract younger audiences to network news, and that evening news broadcasts will die if they rely on viewers more than 60 years old. Moonves should realize that young adults in their 20s and 30s, the demographic that advertisers target, don't consider the 50-year-old Couric as being in their age group. The best way to get today's 25-year-old interested in the news is to wait about 15 years until that person has a steady job, a family and property-tax bills. Moonves might take solace in the fact that more 60-year-olds emerge each year."

*** Yes, maybe you should hire Paris Hilton. ***

Rich also asks,"CBS cannot be dependent on the Nielsen ratings and free from it at the same time. Can they?"

***Excellent question but they seem to think they can have it both ways.***

Here's something interesting:
"ComScore Counts Ads and Plans to Count TV Viewers"

"Perhaps most intriguing, he said comScore is planning a new service that will measure television viewership, putting it in competition with Nielsen’s lifeblood.

If that happens, the competition will become far more interesting than a debate about how to measure audience engagement."

Give us a sign,CBS,that you're listening. We'll even accept smoke signals.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jericho Updates and Reruns

Fan Central has been updated.

Thanks, CBS, for adding my other two blogs but you listed this one as Annabelle's Alley instead of Arabelle's. Sure would appreciate it if you could fix it.

I have also started a Wiki called Everything Jericho. Just another way to spread the word. I can't do it alone so feel free to go over and add anything Jericho you like. Let's make it nice and fill it up.

Jericho Survival Guide From Buddy TV

Sidekick--Jericho Videos and more. Really nice.

Aww! Another Nielsen Error.
"In South Africa, Nielsen Media Research has uncovered anomalies in its print adspend data going back to January, which have resulted in advertising spend being overstated for both newspapers and magazines."
No, this isn't TV but it does serve as another example of Nielsen error.

SyFyPortal about Jericho.

Most Watchable Reruns - “Jericho”

Matt Roush of TV Guide answers two questions about Jericho.

Friday, August 10, 2007

CBS: Meet RubberPoultry

There have been comments from the beginning of the Nuts campaign about why CBS won't use fan created art or videos. Maybe it's because NBC beat them to it.
CBS continues to overlook one of their best assets in our campaign to win new viewers--RubberPoultry.

No, that's not one of Mimi's pet names for her chicken. RubberPoultry is one of the most creative people I have ever seen. He has done posters, videos, fan art; an endless list of wonderful promotional tools.The picture I've used today is his. Consider what could be done with all his creativeness by reading below about what NBC is doing.

"First Broadcast Network Site to Introduce True Community Features with Networking Tools"

Your video could be featured on NBC. "That's right...we'll be checking out the videos on a regular basis and if any of the videos stand out as being extra special, we might feature it on NBC."

***Good idea CBS. Why won't you do this? RubberPoultry and other fans have made incredibly motivating videos.***

"Let your inner artist out and create something fantastic to submit to our Heroes Fan Art Gallery. Whether you love to draw, paint, create graphic illustrations, take/edit photos...whatever your medium, we want to see it! Besides, wouldn't it be great to tell all your friends your very own artwork is featured at"

***I'm beginning to wish Jericho was on NBC. All of this, created by Jericho fans, would go a long way to showing that CBS really does care.***

You can upload and share your own videos and photos, create public profiles about yourself, build your own fan groups around your favorite shows, access community pages from your cell phone and receive video and content recommendations based on the activity of other like-minded users.

***Wow!! Wouldn't this be incredible???***

"Get an inside look into the plots and characters of the NBC shows you know and love. Whether it’s a producer, actor or character blog, you’ll read stuff here you can’t find anywhere else."

CBS may care but it looks like NBC cares a whole lot more.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blowing In The Wind

We've been discussing ways we would promote Jericho if we could be Nina Tassler for a while. We'll discuss it further in a moment but, first, let me say that we aren't Nina and I expect she has some long, nutty days at her job. We aren't there so we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. That gave me an idea:

Ms. Tassler,
We are doing as you asked by recruiting more viewers for Jericho. We have some concerns which have been addressed in a three part series. We mean no disrespect to you because you brought Jericho back. May I ask a small favor from all of us?
Would you please take a few minutes to read all the ideas and see if there are some that appeal to you? Maybe there are some that aren't possible to do. Then, would you please consider doing one of three things?

1. Add a comment here to this post addressing our issues.

2. Reply to us on the CBS board or Fan Central.

3. Email me at and allow me to post your reply here.

We do appreciate you and all you do for Jericho.

May I give you a short rundown of all the ideas so you can have a quick read?

1. Announce at end of episode if Jericho won't be seen next week and when it will return.

2. Advertise DVD at least once during the show.

3. Facilitate the merger of television and the internet.

4. Advertise in movie theaters, on Oprah, on Blog Radio.

5. Give away DVD's and have the cast do DVD signings.

6. Have a Jericho contest or sweepstakes. Instant win game maybe?

7. Advertise more and tell people about Fan Central and The Salty Scoop.

8. Have a Fan Panel and let them have someone at CBS as a liason to check in weekly for updating. You could post poll questions at Fan Central and get fan input.

9, Exterminate football or put them on somewhere else.

10. More ads, more promos, use RubberPoultry's videos/graphics, and more communication for us from CBS.

11. Don't skip episodes.

12. Use the Nuts campaign as an honor. "CBS Cares."

We respectfully request that you consider our requests and respond.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

If You Were Nina Tassler: Part III

This is Part III of the question that was posed to Jericho fans on the CBS board.

"Pretend that you are Nina Tassler for a moment.
What would you be doing to promote Jericho?"

Tomorrow: What does this all mean and what happens next?

1. "If I were Nina Tassler I would embark on a visionary mission.
I would hire very smart people to help me see the endless possibilities for my network online and to advise me on how I could grow my network beyond the current model.
I would do everything in my power to facilitate the inevitable merge of television and the internet.
I would begin offering full catalogs of my networks past programming online with modern day commercials. The fees for these advertisements could help me to develop better and better content that would also become available online ad infinitum."

2. "I really think the best thing to do is to put the show on Sunday nights. I work downtown Portland Friday nights and without fail the bars, clubs, restaurants, and streets are packed to the gills with every advertiser's dearest demographic. These people are never going to stay home to watch Jericho...or any other show for that matter. Friday night is very iffy for any show. Sunday nights are completely different, it's a ghost town out there. Those people are indoors somewhere where they COULD run across Jericho if the tube is on. X-Files almost got cancelled right away but the network hung in there and it became a juggernaut on Sunday night, maybe another government conspiracy show would take off there, too. One thing's for sure, and I said it from the moment they announced the "renewal", Friday night is NOT going to work. And CBS isn't stupid, they know it better than anyone."

3. "I would make a point of keeping the existing and potential new fans out there informed of changes to the schedule by placing ads on CBS through out the day - maybe even make it humorous like -
"Please don't send nuts, but Jericho will be seen next on Aug 17th with a re-broadcast of a season 1 episode."
Placing the changes on the Jericho message boards are well and fine, however If you don't get on-line you miss the change notice ... that plus the main CBS board needs to be kept up to date along with the main Jericho page."

4. "If I were Nina Tassler I would be worrying about how many shipments of nuts they will be receiving if they don't start getting some more promos going!!!!"

5. "I would try very hard not to ever again rip a show that so many viewers love from them ever again!"

6. "I would shout out loud about
I would use RubberPoultry's video to promote during primetime
I would have the "Pool Guys" on every talk show on TV...
I would have a week long Jericho update on my CBS "E" News shows ~ Looks who's back! How they came back! Why CBS cares about the people so much that they just had to listen..."

7."If I were Nina Tassler my top three priorities (judging from the issues that fans have raised) would be to:

~Communicate return dates/pre-emption days, times and plans with the fans and

viewers so that they, in turn, can arrange things with their ‘new’ audiences and not have egg on their faces when the show doesn’t come on as anticipated.

It is a lot of hard work to promote shows, especially to those who are either skeptical to begin with or have lots of entertainment options available. It can be downright embarrassing to talk about all the promotion and the return of Jericho and suddenly the backing appears to have evaporated.

CBS has built a perfect venue for communicating with the existing fans in their own website. It is a most effective tool! Having the cast and crew and fans communicate with one another on the Jericho website is fabulous. Having the people who hold the ‘keys to the kingdom,’ so to speak, communicate regularly with all of us speaks of respect and not dismissal.

~Have next-episode teasers after the credits of the current episode…again, with RETURN DATES

(if necessary). PLEASE! That communicates something important to the fans who might be feeling a bit squeamish about CBS’ commitment... that there will be a next episode and what we can look forward to and promote.

Trust is something that needs to be built and maintained. The fallout from the mid-season hiatus is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Nowadays when one doesn’t hear, one suspects the worst. It is a natural reaction after being dropped in any arena of life.

~ADVERTISE the Jericho DVD’s at the end of each showor at one commercial break per show!

This is particularly important because the new viewers might be somewhat frustrated by the lack of consistency in programming and with the sudden pre-emption ofJericho in certain areas. This will give the new viewers hope that they can get their questions answered especially before the ‘next season’ begins!!
People just don’t have time to work hard at understanding a TV show. Too much work and inconsistency will have viewers giving up and leaving for something that is mindless entertainment. Been there, done that."

8."A "Jericho Ranger" Sweepstakes or contest. You can have say, 5-10 grand prize winners. The grand prize could involve the winners being flown to California and watching the filming of the new season, heck, perhaps give them some backround face time in one of the episodes."

9. "If I were Nina Tassler...
I would not have written to thousands of educated fans promising to rerun Jericho Season 1 and form a business agreement only to fall short on my end of the deal.
I would have had a better plan in place before making a public commitment to such a strong devoted group of world wide individuals."

10. "I would start by giving away DVD copies to Radio Stations...or any book a contest for every so many callers or shoppersfor the full season of Jericho..I would get some of the cast to maybe when DVDs launched in Blockbuster be there to sign the DVDs.....random stores ,with random cast.I also would maybe start with news type infor in People mag Us....and others about this show and how rare it is to be coming back after cancelled.More interviews with the Music Video Stations...Much Music in Canada , VHI,MTV.I think it would be a nice fit."

11. "I understand the need to pre-empt Jericho for football (contracts and such). What I don't understand is the silence from CBS. Others have stated we could have been told at the end of the last episode (08/3/07), "Due to contracts with the NFL, Jericho will not be aired next Friday". I have another thought for CBS. Why not move Jericho to Saturday for those football conflicts. They could tell us "Due to NFL obligations, Jericho will be seen next Friday. Please be sure to tune in for a special Saturday showing one hour earlier 8pm/7pm central time." That time period is for airing repeats of other CBS shows."

12. "If I was Nina Tassler right now, after what she just went through, I would be in a NUT HOUSE right now."

13. "I say with preseason football coming this week double the advertisements during the games so that football fans will know to turn on Jericho because football games attract many viewers so that would be a very good way to advertise Jericho or CBS should do a comercial somewhat like a movie trailer to give people a taste of the show because adds just giving information on the show don't show to much of what happens in the show that might interest people."

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

If You Were Nina Tassler: Part II

I posed this question to the CBS message board yesterday:

"Pretend that you are Nina Tassler for a moment.
What would you be doing to promote Jericho?"

I continue to get responses so there will be more tomorrow. Everyone will be heard. Now if we could just get CBS to pay attention. If you have ideas please leave a comment. We will be heard.

1. "Stop messing with the Friday nite schedules!" *** Don't mess with Jericho either!"

2. "Definitely more Promos and commercials. It was encouraging early on when it actually looked like CBS was going to follow through on their promise to do their part. But now I see NOTHING that leads me to believe they are going to do what they said they would do...How can we keep asking new viewers to invest time and commit to a show that they have already cancelled once, when they can see nothing of CBS's effort to make it work a second time? *** True.***
My friends are reluctant to take a chance at being "gut shot and left for dead" like I was when CBS cancelled Jericho the first time."

3. "Exterminate football!"*** CBS would get Nuts from everywhere for this.***

4. "I would advertise in movie theatres during the trailers. I went and saw Bourne Ultimatum last night and most people were there 20-30 minutes early and sat in the theater watching the commercials before the movie - talk about a captive audience! : ) There were several ads for televisions shows that were more like long trailers for movies. If you do that during a hit movie, you will certainly reach a large number of people and it can't be more expensive than television time."

5. "On Friday nights through the summer - I would have put up "double header" episodes (two each night back to back) of Jericho to get through the entire season and not leap forward.
I would work out a deal with Oprah to get Lennie James on her show.
I would have released the DVD for season one in Sept., not Oct 2.
I would try to see if Jericho fans are like Trekies to the point other projects off the theme of Jericho is possible, even if it's not in prime time. Clearly the future is more and more channels, and I presume we will see in essence some CBS2, CBS3 type stuff, similar to ESPN which is the running joke for that. Look at Star Trek - New Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise, and how many movies? Besides New Bern, might be interesting to play off what life is like in other areas with spin offs. Prime time? Maybe not, or not at first, but there's a fan base for this.
I would sieze the moment to reach out and understand this Jericho fan movement even more and explore the alternative venues used by Jericho fans, such as blog radio, and consider the revenue potential of that, esp. in combination of the internet broadcasting technologies CBS has acquired. Why not seek to be cutting edge and "try out" more and more new ideas with these Jericho fans.
I would have a liason set up to hear and review the highlights of what's going on with Jericho fans through the forums, and of course, the Coalition. I would reach out even more to Shaun O'Mac and see if that isn't something where some advertising revenue could be generated, esp. if given a little promotion."

6. "If I were in charge at CBS, I would definitely not monkey around with the schedule. If I'm telling the fanbase of Jericho to go out and promote the re-runs, then I would absolutely be more consistent about when those re-runs were on. (How can you keep viewers, especially for summer re-runs, if you pre-empt the show?) Of course, I also would have shown all of the Jericho re-runs, not used the re-cap show to take the place of a block of ten or so episodes." *** You rock.***

7. "We are promoting Jericho and getting new viewers, and CBS is letting us down with pre-emptions and lack of promotion for this GREAT show. Get consistant with the re-runs, and if you must pre-empt, at least give the viewers a heads-up on that and show some previews of the next episode. PLEASE have a Jericho Marathon and promote, promote PROMOTE it. The only reason I can think of that anyone would not get completely hooked on the show is because they don't know about it, because it is not being properly promoted on the network. You have a potential goldmine here with viewer suppport..... you have made history with the 'Save Jericho' campaign that came about on this website....The website is nominated for an emmy.... use these things to your advantage, CBS and make promoting this show a priority instead of teasing us along with a few episodes now and then. I don't think WE will let you down."

8. "PLEASE Nina, don't break our hearts again."
*** I second that emotion."
To be continued tomorrow, Nina. Free help urges you to promote more.***

Monday, August 6, 2007

If You Were Nina Tassler

There was much discussion today about Jericho being pre-empted and no announcement made to anyone about it. What must new viewers think? Confused surely. So, I posed this question to the board:

"Pretend that you are Nina Tassler for a moment.
What would you be doing to promote Jericho?"

I was happy with the response and well thought out answers so I'd like to present some of them today and some more tomorrow. Now if we could just get CBS to pay attention. If you have ideas please leave a comment.

1. "Definitely run more commercials. I hardly see a word about the show. No offense Nina, but its like you've decided to leave 90% of the advertising up to the fans.*** Nothing lately.***
Hype Jericho in the national newspapers, run radio ads, TV spots hyping the upcoming season NOW, don't wait until September.***Great idea!***
Tell viewers to check out the CBS website - the most active and interactive TV series site on the web, where they can talk to the show cast and crew, and even see news from the CBS execs.*** Emmy nominated***
And most importantly - make the Nuts campaign a trophy FOR you. You've hardly said a word about it, but the viewer response could work FOR you in a big way. Make it a part of your advertising that this show was so good, it drew international support, and moreover, CBS listens to its viewers!"

2. "I would pay every fan who created a spot for Jericho out of their love for the show $5,000 to air the spots after every show I have."

3. "Advertise more for one thing. I have seen very few commercials or promos (maybe none?) for Jericho and sometimes when I try to talk it up to people, they don't even know what show I'm talking about." ** *Some think it's a Western.***

4. "I would fit the reruns into the already set schedule; show the episodes that were thought to be the strongest, most necessary shows to the plot line. Then when the show has its spot whether in the Fall or January/February, I would BLAST the air waves with promos and have the cast on every talk show available EVEN if they are not on CBS! They own ET and Insider -- those shows could spend 2 weeks on the nuts campaign and its return and interviews with Shaun, Nutty Jeff and the cast.
If CBS wins an Emmy for its website, then I would mention how Jericho was largely responsible. *** How true.***
If I WERE NINA, I would show Jericho reruns on TNT and/or have a Jericho marathon. I would also announce on this week's show that Jericho will return in 2 weeks when there is a football game scheduled. I really don't know what they can do about the affiliates. Don't know anything about it, but think that the affiliates are on their own when it comes to what they show except maybe during sweeps weeks?
To blast the air waves now with promos for Jericho would be counter-productive as there is nothing NEW and there is No Date or Time to tell anyone about. People will go looking for it in Sept/Oct and won't find it."

To Be Continued......