Monday, August 6, 2007

If You Were Nina Tassler

There was much discussion today about Jericho being pre-empted and no announcement made to anyone about it. What must new viewers think? Confused surely. So, I posed this question to the board:

"Pretend that you are Nina Tassler for a moment.
What would you be doing to promote Jericho?"

I was happy with the response and well thought out answers so I'd like to present some of them today and some more tomorrow. Now if we could just get CBS to pay attention. If you have ideas please leave a comment.

1. "Definitely run more commercials. I hardly see a word about the show. No offense Nina, but its like you've decided to leave 90% of the advertising up to the fans.*** Nothing lately.***
Hype Jericho in the national newspapers, run radio ads, TV spots hyping the upcoming season NOW, don't wait until September.***Great idea!***
Tell viewers to check out the CBS website - the most active and interactive TV series site on the web, where they can talk to the show cast and crew, and even see news from the CBS execs.*** Emmy nominated***
And most importantly - make the Nuts campaign a trophy FOR you. You've hardly said a word about it, but the viewer response could work FOR you in a big way. Make it a part of your advertising that this show was so good, it drew international support, and moreover, CBS listens to its viewers!"

2. "I would pay every fan who created a spot for Jericho out of their love for the show $5,000 to air the spots after every show I have."

3. "Advertise more for one thing. I have seen very few commercials or promos (maybe none?) for Jericho and sometimes when I try to talk it up to people, they don't even know what show I'm talking about." ** *Some think it's a Western.***

4. "I would fit the reruns into the already set schedule; show the episodes that were thought to be the strongest, most necessary shows to the plot line. Then when the show has its spot whether in the Fall or January/February, I would BLAST the air waves with promos and have the cast on every talk show available EVEN if they are not on CBS! They own ET and Insider -- those shows could spend 2 weeks on the nuts campaign and its return and interviews with Shaun, Nutty Jeff and the cast.
If CBS wins an Emmy for its website, then I would mention how Jericho was largely responsible. *** How true.***
If I WERE NINA, I would show Jericho reruns on TNT and/or have a Jericho marathon. I would also announce on this week's show that Jericho will return in 2 weeks when there is a football game scheduled. I really don't know what they can do about the affiliates. Don't know anything about it, but think that the affiliates are on their own when it comes to what they show except maybe during sweeps weeks?
To blast the air waves now with promos for Jericho would be counter-productive as there is nothing NEW and there is No Date or Time to tell anyone about. People will go looking for it in Sept/Oct and won't find it."

To Be Continued......


kystorms said...


Great post! That took a bit of work, I know.. hope you can get more folks to read this from CBS!!!!

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks. I hope CBS reads it. They're falling down on the job.