Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jericho, Filet Mignon, and Moonves

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Update on Moonves and Taxes:

"Getting Too Big for His Own Taxes?"

Yes, more information from the NY Times about Les Moonves and his taxes.

Seems CBS wrote a letter explaining how CBS would pay NY taxes for him.

"The letter to Mr. Moonves outlining the contract changes also makes it clear that he would be in charge if not for the continued presence of Sumner M. Redstone, the 84-year-old executive chairman and founder. It states that the heads of all of CBS’s operating divisions report to Mr. Moonves and he reports only to the board of directors — and to Mr. Redstone “for so long as” he is executive chairman."

***That sounds ominous. If Moonves eventually takes over Redstone's position then it follows that Moonves would get a raise. He could then have CBS pay all his taxes. Would that include taxes paid on food as well? We poor people know how high those are. Filet mignon anyone?***

Then, there's this:

"I've learned that egoist Les Moonves is talking out of both sides of his mouth concerning the erupting controversy over his CBS fall reality show Kid Nation."

Would he do that?


kystorms said...

holy moly.... poor les, don't you feel bad for him?
The thing about Mr Moonves is, he just is so out of touch with reality, any ones reality- and now his actions are on constant display for all to see. You think he would have learned from his taped interview back in May at D5,the he is now under a microscope and being held accountable ( at least by some of us)

Great post, thanks for getting the dish on good old Les!

Jericho Saved said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for commenting.
Yes, I feel so sorry for him that I may start a petition asking CBS to give him a raise. Tax free of course.
He is definitely out of touch with reality. He heads CBS yet doesn't even know who his viewers are.