Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jericho, Nuts, and Survival

There are over 600 yahoo groups under the survivalist category.
Survivalretreat is the 2nd largest with 2,024 members

Here are the groups by size:

You might want to also note JerichoCBS is #5

CBS is Nuts and the Return of Jericho
Welcome this new Ranger

Comments about Darcy Hawkins/April Parker. She's my favorite too.

To all those who have or have family that have served or are currently serving please check out a message board created for everyone to come together and share stories, laughter and tears and just talk, be there to support each other.

"Nielsen levels ratings field"

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I'm sorry but I've been tinkering with my site...the link to Return Of Jericho has changed...

Thanks! :)