Friday, August 3, 2007

Urban Elders, Bloggers, and Peanuts

*** Just Arrived***

"Thank You Fans Reel" from Comic-Con

"The Nielsen Company announced today a new development that provides valuable insight into the media habits of specific demographic segments, allowing advertisers to connect more effectively with key target audiences. For instance, advertisers who want to reach a segment known as "Urban Elders," who drive Toyota Corollas, frequent fast-food joints and listen to gospel music, will find them watching daytime soaps, talk shows and the evening news."

"The War For TV News: Fan Bloggers Vs, TV Critics"

"TV NETWORKS NOW HAVE A full-fledged consumer Internet marketing convention to get out the word on new TV shows, called Comic-Con."

This article discusses fan bloggers vs. critics and the critics aren't happy.


We have the opportunity to make history again...As you know we Rangers are faithful voters in TV_Vote Poll for the best shows of all time..

In case you missed it: Moonves, Money, and CBS

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