Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CBS, Variety, and TiVo

Myles at Cultural Learnings talks to CBS about Jericho.

It's all in the communication.

Variety has a great idea for CBS:
"Idea is to create a new batch of Internet stars (think lonelygirl15), as well as provide marketing opportunities for entertainment brands that want to be associated with young talent. (CBS, for example, might want to hype "Jericho" by offering a walk-on role on the show as a prize)."

"Foxman: CBS 'facilitating' anti-Semitism"

"CBS has taken a fifty percent ownership stake in the online talent search Big Shot. According to Variety, they are attempting to move their TV syndication model to the Internet."

"How desperate is network TV getting about the proliferation of ad-zapping DVRs? Check out this ridiculous study from NBC Universal."

"U.S. TV season could see weaker CBS - study"

"Formula for TiVo-proof Ads Remains Elusive"


kestral said...

Some great links in there!! I really enjoyed some of those articles! Thank you for some very interesting reading!

PlatPat said...

I read these articles with great interest.

One thing leaps off the pages -- the network and advertising execs are wracking their brains to figure out a way to "force" the viewers to watch commercials and how to count it. Yet they still use Neilsens. Neilsens count 25,000 tvs; and all they count is that the tv is tuned in and turned on -- NOT whether anyone is sitting in front of it actually watching!

Some advertisers are trying to use the DVR technology, but once again that tracks only those people who subscribe to a service, not people like me who own a DVD player- recorder AND this service cannot tell them if someone is sitting in front of the tv actually watching or whether they let the commercial run while they prepared a snack or used the facilities! The coupon technique, while inventive, like everything else will become old after the first couple of times.

Why don't they ask us, the viewers, what we would be willing to watch and just how much advertising we want cramed down our throats? How about if an advertiser announces at the beginning of a show and maybe 2 or 3 times during the show, for your viewing pleasure, the XYZ company sponsors the next 15 minutes of Jericho. To learn more about [our product] go to www.xyz.com. We appreciate your patronage.

That's what I would watch. That and something that is entertaining and funny. How about a commerical that is telling a story that you don't know what's going on until you get to the 4th installment at the end of the show! How about something clever and foreward thinking; different; unusual. I thought ad execs were "creative"!!

Well, there, I got that off my chest. But really, just how much advertising is too much? Everywhere we turn, we are inundated to the point that, don't know about you, but I am totally tuned out. When I want to know about something, I google it. End of story.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you both for commenting.
Excellent. You are right. Remember the Folger's commercial with the man and woman who met after he ran out of coffee and borrowed some from her? It ran in installments & I loved it.
Yes, ask the viewers what they'd watch. Perfect. When "Damages" pilot aired it was commercial free sponsored by Cadillac. I visited the Cadillac website and feel most favorable towards them because they did that.
I Google everything too.