Tuesday, August 7, 2007

If You Were Nina Tassler: Part II

I posed this question to the CBS message board yesterday:

"Pretend that you are Nina Tassler for a moment.
What would you be doing to promote Jericho?"

I continue to get responses so there will be more tomorrow. Everyone will be heard. Now if we could just get CBS to pay attention. If you have ideas please leave a comment. We will be heard.

1. "Stop messing with the Friday nite schedules!" *** Don't mess with Jericho either!"

2. "Definitely more Promos and commercials. It was encouraging early on when it actually looked like CBS was going to follow through on their promise to do their part. But now I see NOTHING that leads me to believe they are going to do what they said they would do...How can we keep asking new viewers to invest time and commit to a show that they have already cancelled once, when they can see nothing of CBS's effort to make it work a second time? *** True.***
My friends are reluctant to take a chance at being "gut shot and left for dead" like I was when CBS cancelled Jericho the first time."

3. "Exterminate football!"*** CBS would get Nuts from everywhere for this.***

4. "I would advertise in movie theatres during the trailers. I went and saw Bourne Ultimatum last night and most people were there 20-30 minutes early and sat in the theater watching the commercials before the movie - talk about a captive audience! : ) There were several ads for televisions shows that were more like long trailers for movies. If you do that during a hit movie, you will certainly reach a large number of people and it can't be more expensive than television time."

5. "On Friday nights through the summer - I would have put up "double header" episodes (two each night back to back) of Jericho to get through the entire season and not leap forward.
I would work out a deal with Oprah to get Lennie James on her show.
I would have released the DVD for season one in Sept., not Oct 2.
I would try to see if Jericho fans are like Trekies to the point other projects off the theme of Jericho is possible, even if it's not in prime time. Clearly the future is more and more channels, and I presume we will see in essence some CBS2, CBS3 type stuff, similar to ESPN which is the running joke for that. Look at Star Trek - New Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise, and how many movies? Besides New Bern, might be interesting to play off what life is like in other areas with spin offs. Prime time? Maybe not, or not at first, but there's a fan base for this.
I would sieze the moment to reach out and understand this Jericho fan movement even more and explore the alternative venues used by Jericho fans, such as blog radio, and consider the revenue potential of that, esp. in combination of the internet broadcasting technologies CBS has acquired. Why not seek to be cutting edge and "try out" more and more new ideas with these Jericho fans.
I would have a liason set up to hear and review the highlights of what's going on with Jericho fans through the forums, and of course, the Coalition. I would reach out even more to Shaun O'Mac and see if that isn't something where some advertising revenue could be generated, esp. if given a little promotion."

6. "If I were in charge at CBS, I would definitely not monkey around with the schedule. If I'm telling the fanbase of Jericho to go out and promote the re-runs, then I would absolutely be more consistent about when those re-runs were on. (How can you keep viewers, especially for summer re-runs, if you pre-empt the show?) Of course, I also would have shown all of the Jericho re-runs, not used the re-cap show to take the place of a block of ten or so episodes." *** You rock.***

7. "We are promoting Jericho and getting new viewers, and CBS is letting us down with pre-emptions and lack of promotion for this GREAT show. Get consistant with the re-runs, and if you must pre-empt, at least give the viewers a heads-up on that and show some previews of the next episode. PLEASE have a Jericho Marathon and promote, promote PROMOTE it. The only reason I can think of that anyone would not get completely hooked on the show is because they don't know about it, because it is not being properly promoted on the network. You have a potential goldmine here with viewer suppport..... you have made history with the 'Save Jericho' campaign that came about on this website....The website is nominated for an emmy.... use these things to your advantage, CBS and make promoting this show a priority instead of teasing us along with a few episodes now and then. I don't think WE will let you down."

8. "PLEASE Nina, don't break our hearts again."
*** I second that emotion."
To be continued tomorrow, Nina. Free help urges you to promote more.***

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SaveJake said...

Keep them coming...I see more ideas every day! I don't know that CBS will use them, but others will certainly ask "Why not?"
Thanks JS!