Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jericho's New Angel: Cindy

Our Monster Fan of the Week is GaTravelGal who passed away last weekend. Her real name was Cindy. She was a Ranger and loved Jericho completely. She worked tirelessly at promoting Jericho and motivating others to get involved. She set an example we all can only hope to follow.

There is a thread where you can support the idea of Cindy receiving a Jericho dedication in Episode One of Season 2. Please go here to add your sentiments. What a fitting, perfect tribute it would be.

See xrammy's tribute to Cindy here.

In Memoriam: GaTravelGal

A Lost Ranger: Jericho Fans Mourn the Loss of GaTravelGal

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kystorms said...

:-) Very well put, thank you for helping to keep her memory alive.