Saturday, August 18, 2007

How To Promote Jericho

How Do You Promote? These are just a few excellent ideas. There'll be more soon.

1. Verbal and e-mail promoting to family, friends, and perfect strangers who will stand still long enough to listen.
Wearing and using Jericho-themed gear.
Digging and/or commenting on Jericho-related blogs on a daily basis.
Making U*Tube vids (and sending the links around).
Community stuff, like putting up flyers for the upcoming DVD release and Friday night re-runs, and making and putting homemade Jericho bookmarks in all my library books. (And taking a fistful of bookmarks with me to the library and sticking them in all the new and best-selling books.)
Sending emails to CBS when I've watched Jericho episodes, either on Innertube or on TV when they air.

2. I still make it a point to give out copies of the first two shows that I now have, to people who are interested. Between myself and my brother we have given out over 250 copies since May.

3. I create videos, and graphics for promotion. I've created 8 Jericho t-shirt designs, and of course I post here there and everywhere. I also tell as many people as I can about what they're missing if we don't see more episodes.

4. I vote, digg, leave comments, reply to audience services, I talk unstoppably about Jericho to everyone I meet. I am on the CBS message boards just as often as I can be and talk to as many new people that come to the boards as possible.

5. Each week I find a different video and send it to everybody in my address book along with a reminder to watch Jericho.

6. I think I have told anyone who is willing to stand there and listen to me about the show. I'm still putting labels on all of my snail mail with Jericho viewing info and the link to this site and Jericholives and when I think about it and have time I do write this link on my dollar bills. And I put up flyers anywhere where there is a bulletin board.

7. Most of my promoting is by word of mouth. I bring it up in conversation whenever I get a chance, and find that works quite well. I have gotten a few people watching just by doing that. I loved somebodys idea about writing on snail mail, and I do write little messages on all envelopes that I send. I plan to buy several DVDs. I hope they sell a lot of them. I think writing CBS and e-mailing them are extremely important after we watch live, and most of all make sure to WATCH JERICHO LIVE!!!

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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