Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jericho Suggestions, Trivia, and Captured

Bear can be found at:
CafePress/Radio Free Jericho

From Cultural Learnings:

"So, fans of Jericho, what suggestions do you have for Jericho Fan Central? Send me an email at cultural.learnings @ and I’ll be putting your suggestions into next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays! Try to get them in before Thursday so I’ll have time to put them together."

“That might explain why the 9 p.m. hour went to ABC’s two episodes of “George Lopez,” which averaged a 3.1/5 between them. FOX’s football was second, followed very closely by the 2.7/5 for NBC’s “Las Vegas.” The CW’s wrestling-type-entertainment and CBS’ “Jericho” posted almost the identical 2.6/5.“

*** Remember-Jericho was pre-empted by football in some areas.***

Very interesting article about Jericho, CBS, and personalizing ads.

Black Jack Fairgrounds Capture game - Want to have some fun with a Jericho friend? Send them to the Black Jack Fairground for something they needed. It can be something funny or practical. The *guards* will hold them ransom until people show up to trade something to get them back!

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