Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boom For Jericho?

"Big boom for Turteltaub: CBS Par deal"
Good for Jericho?

Nuciferous: "Shaun Daily of Blogtalkradio, covers some of the action on the first day of shooting season two of JERICHO. Shaun speaks with some of the cast and gets some more teasers for all of JERICHO nuts."

I am still finding misinformation which troubles me greatly. I found this posting, " All of us have to make an effort to watch the show live, not use our DVR's to timeshift the show to a more convenient time."
I will get on my soapbox again and say that you can watch Jericho any way you choose because, unless you are a Nielsen family, you do not count. Let's try to spread the word on this. Thanks.

The Salty Scoop Updated: Must Read

Ride For Your Life
Some more news links from starting ride: wearing jersey in ALL of them
Gary Gianetti wearing Jericho jersey while riding.
Please digg or comment on these articles. Thanks.,0,2938839.story

" Jericho:Will It Survive?"

"How To Save Your Struggling Show"

"Reality check for CBS over 'Kid Nation'"
By Maria Elena Fernandez

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terocious said...

Some folks believe that the CBS Eye is like The Eye of Mordor and can see you when you sit in front of the screen. I second the notion that one should watch Jericho whenever, however and with whomever one can.