Friday, August 17, 2007

10 Reasons We Promote Jericho

A lot of new Rangers have joined us so I thought it might be helpful to explain why it's important to promote Jericho.

Coming Tomorrow: How To Promote Jericho

Why Do We Promote Jericho?

1. CBS only promised us 7 new episodes. They want viewership to increase and that means we must try to reach as many people as we can so we are able to reach Nielsen viewers. Why Nielsen families? Because they are the only ones who have the black box/diary to be counted. Same with DVR/TiVo, etc. You only count if you're a Nielsen family.

2. I put too much work into the "Save Jericho" campaign to see the show falter. I promote the show so that CBS can see just how popular this show really is (or can be), and so they extend the 2nd season beyond 7 episodes. And I promote the show because I like the show, and I genuinely want the people I like to watch and enjoy it as much as I do.

3. The Nielson issue is a sore spot for me as I am Canadian and we are not included in the Nielson ratings. That is why Jericho was cancelled. The numbers were not there because CBS only went by the Nielsens. This has to change !!! We have to show them we are out there watching on various ways not just network T.V. We have fought for so long and so hard to wake up CBS...Now we have to work even harder to secure season 3 and beyond. We can't slack off now that we have those 7 episodes, we have to step up the pace as it is vacation time and the boards are slower. We must get those new viewers to show CBS we are the best fans of the best show on TV today!!!!

4. I have said this before & I will say it again...CBS gave us 7 episodes to shut us up! It is called crowd control. Give them what they want & they will back down...and once the "Ratings" don't shine through (because they are using a horrific means of calculating viewers) They can say...OH we tried, we gave you what you wanted but you did not deliver~ Sorry ~ CANCELLED!

5. I am promoting Jericho because I love the show, and it is quality programming. I have been continuing to tell friends about it, digging and commenting on articles, voting in the polls and letting CBS know when I watch on Friday nights. I have also been e-mailing sponsors to let them know that I not only watch the commercials, but buy their products as well. I will be buying the boxed set of season 1, just can't pre-order right now.

6. I am and will continue to promote Jericho for several reasons but the main one is because of the unity of humanity at work in Jericho.Everyone is pulling together for survival and no one is worried about color, religion, class, sexual orientation or corporate status. I love this show for these reasons. I will continue to fight to keep Jericho for as long as it takes to ensure as many more seasons as possible.

7. But, the networks, especially CBS, really need to realize that Nielsen is a dinosaur and there is more to judging a television show’s success other than just “a random sampling” of numbers.

8. We promote JERICHO because we know how truly excellent it is, we believe that anyone left out there who has yet to watch, is missing the VERY BEST show that has come to TV in a very, very long time & shame on us for not trying to get them to tune in and experience Jericho
for themselves!

9. I promote Jericho because I love the show and I want more than 7 more episodes. We have only won a battle and not yet the war.

10. CBS has responded to our calls to bring back the series, but this also raises my biggest fear; that CBS will now knock out a fast, quick seven episodes that will clumsily wrap things up, and in the process, lose forever the opportunity for so many other story lines. I hope not.

This series has a broader demographic than CBS realizes; my buddy and I are baby boomers, but we both know younger (and OLDER) fans of the series, and we ALL were bewildered when it was cancelled. Obviously, from the outcry and the actions of my fellow Rangers, CBS may have made a slight error in judgment...

And, that's why I believe we promote Jericho. And nuts.


LisiBee said...

Thank you for the article! I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I'm proud to be associated with such a dedicated and hard-working group of fans. :)

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks lisibee,
It is a pleasure working with you too. You are a true Ranger.
Thank you for commenting.

kestral said...

Thank you for this article! If we want any hope of season 3 and beyond, it is vital that we do not give up! I too am proud to work with such a loyal hard working group of fans! What a great way to rally the Rangers for the battle for season three!

maybei said...

Very timely article - we all need to keep up the fight to keep and promote Jericho!!