Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jericho: Meebo Chat

Too bad this article doesn't include all the trouble with the CBS/Meebo chat. There is no moderation and the Chat is a wreck. People come in using fake identities because no login is required plus porn links abound even though young Jericho viewers come in the chatroom. It is such a mess that Jericho fans have to use other chats if they want to chat in peace.

This is what CBS offers its' fans? Shame on you, CBS!!!!!!!!!

"This year, Meebo launched Meebo Rooms, which essentially are chat rooms. It has had success parlaying some rooms into larger media partnerships. CBS Corp., for instance, now links to the Meebo chat room about the offbeat TV show "Jericho" and has made it the main Jericho chat room on the CBS Web site.

"We want to encourage lots of different partners . . . to build really super-viral, super-engaged platforms to sit outside of," said Patrick Keane, an executive vice president and chief marketing officer for CBS Interactive. CBS provides behind-the-scenes Jericho footage and other tidbits for the Meebo chat room and has signed on as a Meebo advertiser, Mr. Keane says.

CBS says it is working with other sites, including Facebook. Facebook has added programs that offer instant-messaging to its site, which might reduce any advantage Meebo has. Meebo executives and investors say the company has established itself as a destination for instant-messaging, with more than six million unique users logging in monthly."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jericho: Tassler, Strike, and Nuts

"CBS' Risk Taking Tanks

Net's innovative scheduling yields lackluster demos"

"In an interview with Mediaweek, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler acknowledged those disappointments. But she remains supportive of the new shows, even Laughlin. "It was the boldest risk that we took," she said of the music-drama hybrid. "The true failure would be to stop trying new things."

Although Kid Nation is drawing young viewers, it is not attracting coveted young adults. The show may be trending up in key demos, but its focus on children apparently offers few entry points for older viewers, especially those without young kids. "I can see how it's more of a challenge for adults to find a particular character to relate to," Tassler admitted.

Whatever makes air next season, Tassler said, an increasingly fractured media pie may demand that all broadcasters come up with new methods of measurement. Between online streaming and increased DVR penetration bleeding off live TV viewers, she added, "I think we really need to examine—and redefine—what is a good number."

"Being one of the Jericho "Nuts" (yep, CBS got mine, and who knew I ever had them?) this blog was originally intended to promote the Television Series "Jericho". I've cleaned up the Jericho Resource links for new and old fans alike. I'll be adding other TV sections as time goes on."

"Here’s our guide to how the strike might affect the average entertainment consumer this time around—though, even if there’s a last-minute settlement, don’t get too comfy. Contracts with the Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild run out in June 2008."

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bloggers To Be Read

Winners and Honorable Mentions: Bloggers Unite Competition

Here is the article that won 1st place in Rich's Bloggers Unite Competition. You don't want to miss it.

Lisa Wines

(Free Download:
Conversational Rape by Dr. Pat Allen)

2nd place:JerichoMonster

Here is the 3rd place winner:

Verna Corbett

Honorable Mentions:



Personal story of abuse

A 25-year cancer survivor,

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog For Hope: Winners

"On Sept. 27, BlogCatalog became the first social network to ask its members to collectively call for an End To Abuse. On thousands of blogs all over the world on the same day, BlogCatalog members and other bloggers did.

To highlight a few, Copywrite, Ink., in cooperation with BlogCatalog, invited any blogger who participated in this campaign to submit a link and other measurements for consideration in our Blog For Hope Post Competition.

Six judges painstakingly read more than 100 entries, representing a mere sliver of Bloggers Unite posts written by thousands of bloggers. From these, we tasked ourselves to select eight. While there are no losers, we’re pleased to highlight a sampling of the work from caring individuals who made a difference. The work speaks for itself...

Second Place — Barbara Sweat (Jane), Jericho Monster

Sweat chronicled how verbal abuse sometimes escalates from put-downs under the guise of jokes into disparaging comments that aim to control, manipulate, and intimidate, leaving an impact on the victim forever. She then gave readers information from several sources and prompted the victims of verbal abuse to contact the state branch of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence if the abuse crosses into domestic violence."

Many, many thanks to Rich, BlogCatalog, and LisiBee who created Edna.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jericho: How To Digg

Jericho Digg Day

Oct. 28th

Why is Digg so important to Jericho?

Once a submission has earned a critical mass of Diggs, it becomes “popular” and jumps to the homepage in its category. If it becomes one of the most popular, it qualifies as a “Top 10”. If a submission doesn't receive enough Diggs within a certain time period, it eventually falls out of the “Upcoming” section.
The system only works when users actively participate on a large scale, so make sure to do your part and Digg content that matters to you!

Basically, the more Diggs a Jericho article gets the more people who will see it. I'm not talking about 10, 50, or even 100 Diggs-we need thousands. Do you want CBS to stand up and notice us again? Do you want to support the cast and crew of Jericho? Do you want more viewers? Here's a simple way to do all that and more.

For a Digg Tutorial go here.

I have this set up where you only have to go to one page to digg everything.

If you have not registered at Digg then please see below and use my invite.

Come Join My Network at Digg

sweat1951 is a member of Digg and would like to send you an invitation. With Digg you can help promote and share news to the millions of Digg viewers with a single click (Digging a story).

Invite your friends or find them on Digg and add them to your friends list. Then your friends can track what you’re Digging and you can see what they Digg as well, enabling you to collectively find news together.

When you click on the Digg button after reading an article you may be taken to a page where you will see that you are the first person to Digg it so you must submit the story. It's very simple.
1. You will be asked for the title of the story. The URL will be right above that space so you can usually get the title from that.
2. You write a brief little bit as to what the story is about.
3. Scroll down to categories and choose TV.
4. Scroll down and you find one of those boxes where you type in the code which shows you aren't a bot.
5. You may come to a page that says similar stories have been submitted. None of them will be the one you're entering so scroll down and hit the Submit button and you're all done.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jericho Fans: Not Marketers ??

Forgive my small rant today but I feel I have to say it. Did you Jericho fans know that we are not marketers ?

On Thursday I received an email regarding Marketing Daily. It said:

"MEDIAPOST'S MARKETING DAILY WILL CHOOSE a Marketer of the Year, and we invite you to participate. Send us your nominations for marketers who this year showed some guts, pulled off an innovation and/or executed with overall brilliance.

We will select winning marketing executives in all key consumer marketing categories and one overall Marketer of the Year.

So tell us who you think should win, and why.

Send all nominations to Nina Lentini, editor of Marketing Daily, at no later than Friday, Nov. 2.

(It's OK to nominate yourself.)"

The first paragraph simply says a Marketer of the Year will be chosen. The second paragraph mentions "marketing executives." So, I sent Ms. Lentini an email nominating Jericho fans. She quickly responded thanking me.

I mentioned it to some other fans(I don't know how many people saw it) and posted it to my blog Thursday night. On Friday morning Ms. Lentini had left a comment on my blog:

"Hi all. I appreciate your enthusiasm for your show, but, as you are not, in fact, marketers, please don't fill up my e-mail with nominations for Marketer of the Year."

Egads!!! If we're not marketers who is?? I responded:

I rspectfully disagree.
"On July 19, 2007 Nina Tassler spoke at the Television Critics Association semi-annual summer meeting. CBS executives, including Tassler, said it is up to fans to encourage word of mouth for the show. The network won't provide any specific directions or marketing materials, since that discourages word of mouth and viral marketing."

"To gain a better understanding of consumer marketing, I decided to go to the source, says Richard Becker of Copywrite Ink. While there are forums, Web sites, e-newsletters, and several other fan-generated promotional efforts associated with Jericho, the television show resurrected by CBS after one of the most convincing and well-publicized cancellation protests in history, bloggers tend to be on the front lines."

The fans of Jericho, through a "word of mouth" Internet campaign sent over 20 TONS of Peanuts to CBS!! (that's about 8 million peanuts!!) - not to mention all the cards, emails, letters and phone calls.

We raised enough money to take out a full page color ad in Variety Magazine.

Numerous videos were made and spread like wildfire.

And through our efforts, our show was renewed!

No, we're not marketers! See here.

"I think we need to send her emails now instead telling her that if we are NOT marketers then she needs to send a letter to CBS every day telling them of our marketing disqualification until they start marketing their own programs!", says one Jericho fan.

Another fans states, "Marketers comes in all forms now a days. Take for instance, affiliate marketing. Done online by thousands of regular people like myself who do not work for some big ad agency.

Are Jericho fans marketers? You bet - and we use both traditional marketing venues as well as viral marketing.

We had a job to do and we did it - against all odds.

In fact - we did what the "professional" marketing people either could not or did not."

We don't need an award to tell us who we are- marketers!I rest my case.

Jericho Fans: Guts and Brilliance

Hey Jericho Fans!!!! Here's a way to get CBS to pay attention. I nominated Jericho fans and more nominations couldn't hurt.

Who showed guts this year? Jericho fans!

Who executed with overall brilliance? Jericho fans!

Who should win?? Jericho fans!!

MEDIAPOST'S MARKETING DAILY WILL CHOOSE a Marketer of the Year, and we invite you to participate. Send us your nominations for marketers who this year showed some guts, pulled off an innovation and/or executed with overall brilliance.

We will select winning marketing executives in all key consumer marketing categories and one overall Marketer of the Year.

So tell us who you think should win, and why.

Send all nominations to Nina Lentini, editor of Marketing Daily, at no later than Friday, Nov. 2.

(It's OK to nominate yourself.)

"The 'Jericho' model

The pattern followed last year's surprise resurrection of CBS drama Jericho, which was granted a seven-episode reprieve (due early next year). In a campaign to save the show, dedicated fans sent cartons of nuts to network executives — who were nonetheless more impressed by the 5.3 million episodes that were streamed online.

In making decisions on which shows to renew or cancel, "you have to consider what's on these other platforms," says CBS Paramount Television chief Nancy Tellem. "We're trying to reach as many viewers as we can, no matter how it comes in. The frustration is making sure all of it gets counted."

And in some cases, it can tip the scales. With an endangered series, "you will start looking at other ways people view that show as a measure of its popularity," says Fox Broadcasting chairman Peter Liguori. And influenced by studios' sales of shows overseas and on DVD, "you start having a bigger conversation about whether the show comes back."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jericho Rocks at RemoteAccess

Check out this article by Amy at Remote Access.

Jericho, Margie and Edna, and much more.

" I've been the only person around to suggest that Jericho's revival had less to do with angry and persistent fans as it did the uncertain landscape which the networks and studios find themselves.

The strike was looking extremely likely well before the authorization vote was called, and I think it is past the time that we put some serious weight behind the possibility that CBS brought back a limited run of new Jericho episodes as a backup plan to mitigate some of the strike damage.

And now it occurs to me that if CBS holds Jericho back until the other shows start running out of scripts and everyone is forced to start showing reruns and a flood of new reality programming, CBS will be one of the only places in town that has original programming to air - and good stuff at that, in Jericho.

This brings a much greater potential for eyeballs with no other new programming anywhere on TV that isn't reality garbage, it could give those limited number of Jericho episodes a rating unlike any the show has ever seen before. It's really a shame and I'm sure CBS is cursing itself for not ordering more episodes, because if this is the scenario that plays out, those seven episodes aren't going to last very long."

"Since the early 1940’s the television and advertising industries have relied on Nielsen Media Research to measure the popularity and success of television programming. Nielsen continues to be the leading provider of this information and their list of the top TV shows by demographic are consistently highlighted in the media and watched closely by Advertisers and the Television Networks. While I’m still interested in what Nielsen is reporting as the top shows, I’m left wanting more."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jericho and Supernatural

I have found Supernatural fans who are also Jericho fans and the idea was hatched to do some cross-promoting. First, what exactly is this show about and why didn't I watch it from the beginning?

"Supernatural is an American paranormal drama television series, filmed in Canada, that debuted on September 13, 2005 on the WB, and is now part of The CW's lineup, where the second season premiered on September 28, 2006, and the third season premiered on October 4, 2007.

The show follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across the country in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating and combatting paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on American urban legends and folklore as well as classic supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and ghosts."

Thanks to Melissa for this information:

The Supernatural Underground will be making its first official appearance November 10th and 11th in Chicago at Creations Entertainments Saulte to Supernatural, Angel/Buffy, and Smallville. The Underground will have a booth in the dealers room where interested fans can stop by and find out more about how they can get involved in promoting and supporting Supernatural. There will be sign up sheets for anyone who wants to join the Underground network, as well as raffle prize giveaways! The Supernatural Underground is teaming with to bring a fans the chance to win a very special giveaway, more information will be provided about that as we get closer to the event.
Also there is a special Supernatural Underground panel, slated for Sunday afternoon. Melissa from The Supernatural Underground, along with several volunteers, will speak about the Underground, what they are doing to promote Supernatural, what other fans can do to help and how to get involved. This will be the first official convention prescence for The Supernatural Underground and we're really excited to get out and talk to other fans, get their ideas on what they would like to see being done to promote the show, and maybe add a few more members to our expanding network!

For more information on this event please go here.


Supernatural videos and clips here.

The Supernatural Spot on FanPop

The Supernatural Underground/Message Board

Supernatural at LiveJournal

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jericho : 2008 ?

"The Amazing Race" begins its 12th cycle on Sunday, November 4. A repeat of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will fill the slot next Sunday.

The network's other timeslot candidate "Jericho" will be launched later in the season, because the networks are trying to stockpile as many fresh hours of scripted programming as possible. "Jericho" will then get a stronger marketing push.

Come to think of it, if "Jericho" is launched in the middle of what seems to be an inevitable writers' strike, perhaps the show will rise to the levels it once averaged in the fall of 2006."

"CBS' musical drama "Viva Laughlin" has become the first major casualty of the 2007-08 season.

The network canceled the series co-starring Hugh Jackman after two dismal showings -- a special premiere airing Thursday and a time slot premiere Sunday.

Sunday night, the series based on the BBC format managed minuscule 6.8 million viewers and a 1.2 rating/3 share among adults 18-49 at 8 p.m. It shed almost a third of its audience between the first and the second half-hour.

CBS will air a rerun of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" in the time period this week before bringing back the slot's last year occupant "The Amazing Race." The reality veteran will return for a 12th cycle Nov. 4."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ask Margie and Edna

1. If Roger cared so much about the refugees, why didn't he house a few of them? Was Emily worried about them seeing her thongs hanging on the shower rod to dry?

Margie: Honey, that's exactly why I didn't take in refugees either. I don't want just anybody seeing what I hang on my shower rod. My goodness, I'm blushing like a schoolgirl.

Edna: Margie, you haven't blushed since 1939, don't mislead our readers. And the reason we didn't take in any refugees didn't have anything to do with your unmentionables, it was because none of them wanted to stay here with you and your acid tongue. Lord knows why I still do.

As for why Roger didn't take in any of the refugees, maybe it wasn't up to him. Maybe they'd all gotten tired of his company by the time they got to Jericho. My lands, I hear that the whole entire walk back to town, he did nothing but yammer on about Emily. That would have gotten on my nerves, too.

Margie: Well, Edna, do you really want to talk about getting on somebody's nerves? Sakes alive, that Valium was invented for folks who had to be around you. And, speaking of being tired of certain company... Put that old sword down, Edna.


2. Dear Margie and Edna,

I am relatively new to town and I am not familiar with life outside the big city. I have heard the saying many times of someone running around like a "chicken with its head cut off". Now, I recently had to kill a chicken in order to have food to survive on. I was surprised that my chicken did not run around after I cut off its head. I think there was something wrong with my chicken and now I am afraid to eat it. The poor thing just flopped over dead. Was my chicken defective? I'm afraid it might have had some disease. Should I eat it or will it make me sick?

Yours truly,
Your friendly neighborhood ex-IRS agent

Margie: Honey, the chicken probably fell over dead because you mentioned the IRS. She probably thought you had come to tax her eggs. Don't you worry. You just fry that old chicken and bring Edna a piece.

Edna: Did someone say fried chicken? You just listen to Margie, there's nothing wrong with that chicken that a little hot oil and a biscuit won't cure.


3. All this talk about Jake's towel really has me mad. And have you seen the "Why" thread in the General comments folder? All these young things lusting after Jake. I need you girls to find out something for me. Does Jake like older women? I would think we have all the experience and could even teach that young man a thing or two. And what I really want you to find out, exactly which one of these young hussies has Jake's towel?

Question submitted by Moanin' Mary
Jericho Senior Citizens Center

Margie: Mary, I think you need to be taught a lesson! Towels are hard to come by these days. I'll find out if Jake likes older women while that towel is missing. Bye now.

Edna: I'm sorry, I don't think I can spend time with such old hussies as the two of you appear to be. Have some dignity, ladies! He's got plenty of women fighting over him as it is, he doesn't need the two of you joining the mix. Margie, you leave that boy alone, you hear me? Come back here! Oh my stars and garters, I guess I'd better go after my old fool of a sister. Moanin' Mary, I'm sorry but you're on your own.

Send your questions for Margie & Edna to

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jericho: Digg Then and Now

Many thanks to Terocious for posting the following on the CBS board. I agree wholeheartedly!!

How pathetic that we all say we love Jericho and the outstanding cast and crew yet April gets 22 Diggs and Lennie gets 30. This is embarrassing! It looks like there aren't enough fans to come up with more Diggs than this.

Yes, Terocious, we want CBS to send these folks to talk shows but we can't even get some decent Diggs. I can imagine CBS laughing.

Look at the difference in these Dugg articles:

Resurrection: The fans save Jericho (1000 diggs)+ 94 comments

Save Jericho Nuts! Campaign Almost To 10000 lbs. of Nuts To CBS (2156 Diggs)+312 comments

Will CBS Find Closure For Jericho ? (1265 Diggs)+ 101 comments

This is part of what made CBS sit up and take notice of us. Does anybody care anymore? Are we so busy talking about promoting that we've forgotten how important Digg is to the very promotion we want and need?

If we want bloggers and media to notice us again and talk about Jericho then the front page of Digg is where we need to be.

"April Parker-Jones in her first ever interview about her role as Darcy Hawkins on Jericho has only garnered 22 Diggs.

Lennie James exclusive interview received 30 Diggs.

We want CBS to send these people out to talk shows but this is the best we as a collective can muster to support them and earn them exposure.

Rubber Poultry = 69 Diggs

Schumi = 48

Shaun O Mac = 42

Jeff Braverman = 27?

These people are heroes of the NUTS campaign and we still couldn't break 100.

221 Diggs could get any story we wanted on to the homepage in front of thousands of people who are looking for a good cause to further."

How badly do we want Jericho back for a 3rd season?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jericho: Ranked On Billboard

According to Jericho: The First Season ranks as #14 on their TOP TV DVD SALES CHART.

"Rash Report: Why The Networks Really Should Avoid a Strike"

"The release of "C3" ratings (commercial ratings based on live viewing and DVR viewing up to three days later) grabbed the industry's headlines. While there are many ways to interpret the data, one transcendent trend remained clear: It's still all about the programming.

By and large, the most-recorded programs approximated the highest live ratings. The degree to which the networks perceive DVRs to be a problem misses what is the true threat to broadcast: irrelevancy or apathy, a human response that is much harder to address than skipping ads. So, as the fall season struggles with a sluggish start, it's a particularly precarious time for what should head next week's headlines -- a possible writers' strike."

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Jericho Community

I'd like to thank Geoff Livingston at the BuzzBin for posting the interview he recently did with me concerning Jericho.

" Saving Jericho: A Show and Its Community"

You can read it here.

"Until this week, it was assumed that ABC had won the ratings battle for the first week of the new fall season. But now that they've counted DVR playback, it looks like it was actually CBS that won that week."

"Forget trying to figure out what everyone's watching. Today, the more important question is: Where are they watching? And a pair of studies released yesterday agreed that "where" is more and more often online.

In fact, almost 16% of internet households watch TV online, which is almost double the number from a year ago, according to the Conference Board and TNS's TV online study. In-Stat's broader video online study noted that all online video viewing is growing, with the majority of its respondents believing it will become "mainstream."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jericho and Leslie Moonves

"The new deal ties Moonves' compensation more to the performance of the company than the previous contract. Moonves's base salary will $3.5 million per year, versus $5.9 million in the previous contract, which included $2.9 million in deferred compensation.

Moonves will also be eligible for an annual performance-based bonus and will receive "significant" equity-based compensation tied to the performance of CBS' stock (NYSE: CBS).

The contract also includes a one-time option to purchase five million shares of CBS stock, which will vest in four equal installments over the next four years, and annual restricted stock units worth $7.6 million per year."

This is an article and video from May but all Jericho fans should see this.

"Poor, low-tech Les.

Leslie Moonves is used to having new-media people talking down to him. The CBS CEO calls himself a “programmer” and the “heathen from old media.” Not a man usually given to self-deprecation, this posture comes with the territory, especially at digital media conferences. His network has launched a strategy of throwing a lot of its programming out liberally to more than two dozen Internet partners. Less beholden to cable operators than most of his rivals, he can afford to do that. And he has to go around explaining it."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jericho Digg Day

From Terocious:

I cannot tell you how excited I am to announce that Sunday October the 28th will be our first official Jericho Digg Day.

Digg Day will be a fandom wide effort to Digg Jericho related content on multiple Digg Sites around the web.

If you would like to include you Blog, Video, Podcast, Image or anything else that is Diggable in the Digg Day line up then please post here and let me know you want to participate.

On the 28th of October I will create a new post with links to all of the Digg sites so it will be easy for us to Digg ‘em all.

Most of you seasoned veterans are already accomplished Diggers but for those of you who are not check out the link to below.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CBS: Breaking News

CBS? We think you need to explain this.

"This is what Kimberly who works for CBS Sportsline customer service who I was transfered to by the main swtichboard.

Meaning the information telling us to go to Sportsline with our issues is erroneous.

The user name robert_green is a generic username shared by about 100 people who moderate the message boards.

Now, keep in mind that Jennifer from CBS Sportsline (main switchboard) told me on Friday that they were getting the moderators together and we would get some communication on the boards.

So CBS Admin2 does not work for CBS yet CBS Admin2 has been posting announcements and questions for producers, etc. etc. etc.


We need some clear concise answers and information from CBS.

In other words- somebody's got some explainin' to do."

"OK so who is CBS admin 2 who issued the press releases etc then. This is so confusing. "

" Why can't someone on this so called "moderation team" respond in some form or fashion to show the users of this board that action is really being taken?"

"So if CBS Admin2 does not work for CBS and CBS Admin 2 is the one who posts all the announcements and questions for the producers, etc. etc. etc. what does this mean????

It means that somebody has some explainin' to do.

What is going on CBS????????"

"Who did Kimberly work for Sportsline or CBS? I feel like we are treated like dogs and told to chase our tails by CBS."

"Just went to look at the post that sent us to sportsline and it was signed the Jericho Web Team. You would think if someone was signing on and asserting that they were someone from CBS that those posts would be removed by the real moderators. This makes no sense at all. "

Jericho: Controlling Online Content

Rich of Copywrite Ink has a group called BlogStraightTalk at You have to have a blog to be a member and only members can post. You can, however, read the discussion.

Today's topic is "Who Controls your Online Content?" In light of the moderation issues with CBS this topic is especially helpful today.

Karen Mattonen says," When instituting the protections of copyright on the internet, congress’s main focus was to allow for the preservation of the freedom, sharing and development of flow of ideas and conversation, and the competitive free market. A desire to promote unfettered speech, as it allows for a “true diversity of political discourse, .. cultural development and intellectual activity.

The censorship of posts on the internet, as well as removing individuals from sites because one doesn’t agree with the discussions; preferential treatment; or whatever blows an individual’s skirt up appears to be totally against the grain of the first amendment and what congress had in mind in regards to the DMCA and the CDA."

What is EFF?
EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.

Monday, October 15, 2007

CBS: Just Say No To Unfair Moderation

How CBS treats consumers:

"CBS does not care about the members that have declared their loyalty to this board, and no, there is nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that when it comes down to it, every poster on the board as well as the new traffic is another coin in the shareholders pocket."

Who is robert_green? Why is he editing posts on the CBS Jericho board when they are not breaking TOS?

"Some people want to play at this board - fine for them. I feel that clouds the very real issue here- customer service.
Also who is robert_green and why is someone who posts "blah blah blah" on the message board allowed to have moderator ability?"

From CBS Jericho message board:
"What I truly don't understand is how someone like robert_green, who appears to be a normal poster like the rest of us, had moderation capabilities?"

"Dear Mr. Robert Green,

Hello. In the future, when you see fit to edit a post, I would really appreciate a written communication from you as to why.

You see, there has been a lot of trouble with moderation on the boards lately. And since no one will return my phone calls or answer my emails - it would be a great help if the mods could offer an explaination as to why a post of thread is being deleted."

"Has anyone e-mailed Robert Green through the CBS board to calmly and politely ask him who the hell he is and how dare he edit someone else's post? CBS seems to have washed their hands of the whole message board gremlin thing. Might as well go straight to the horse's mouth."

" Yes. email returned ad undeliverable...names the address as huh?"

"This is Robb from CBS Interactive, here is my reply - can you see me now?"
Posted by rmonterio

Who moderates the CBS Jericho board??

Prospero Clients:

Why is it that CBS has us contacting Sportsline and not Prospero?

Pay special attention to the ABC boards that Prospero is in charge of. It seems when posts are edited there, that fact is not hidden in the HTML as it is at CBS Jericho.

The CBS message boards are monitored by CBS Sportsline. They can be contacted at (954) 351-2120

"CBS has the power to stop this and doesn't. They could moderate the message board properly and professionally, they could do lots of things.

Trust me, CBS knows what happens when your website becomes a free for all. And if they don't want Jericho back, why not just shrug and say whatever.

THAT is what I think the conspiracy is. CBS does not care about Jericho fans."

"They absolutely do not. They have tried to pacify us. Look at the joke they call Fan Central. Look at the way they treated the reruns.

CBS is the joke."

"CBS cares about me as a Panther fan, but not as a Jericho fan. Nice. Sorry CBS but I visit ESPN and other sites for my sports news and fun. The only reason I ever visited any CBS website was for Jericho."

" Just got off the phone with Jeff Burkett - in charge of website content, etc
323 - 575 - 4380

I told him what was going on and asked why the mods would not respond and who we could contact other than the numbers I posted to get some answers about moderation on the CBS board.

I was told - it is not his job, he does not know who handles the moderation, he refused to give me a contact for moderation. When I asked if he would contact them and ask them to contact me his reply was - he did not have time and it was not his job.

I repeated back to him what he said and asked - if I post this to the CBS board, would this be correct and his reply was yes.

CBS does not care."

"Not everyone has the capacity to understand what is going on here, and that is OK. What I am trying to do is to document the very serious customer service issues ALL fans have regarding CBS."

"How does it look for the vast majority of posters to have no concern that posts are being deleted with no obvious violation of the TOS...does this not raise a few questions in your minds as to who is behind these deletions and why the deletions are so specific?"

"For what it is worth, CBS cannot arbitrarily edit or censor posts that do not clearly violate TOS unless they are willing to accept the responsibility of being a publisher."

So, CBS, why does someone like robert_green have the authority to delete only certain posts, which are not breaking TOS, while posts which make personal posts are allowed to remain?

Ms. Nina Tassler, President
CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112
(323) 575-2747


CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

(212) 975-4321


CBS Audience Services
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

212-975-3247 – CBS Audience Services
email at

CBS Audience Services at 212-975-4321

Why don't you, CBS, Sportsline, or Prospero answer our questions? This goes far beyond shoddy customer service. Jericho Rangers never give up so we will keep searching and posting about what could certainly be called censorship of our posts.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jericho: More Fun Links

Hawkins Basement

Do you like to laugh and have a good time? Do you like to post silly pictures or make funny comments on the pictures posted?

Stop on by Hawkins Basement!!


The H/J Porch - grab a tango margarita + watch the world go by


Where is Jericho?

One of my favorite threads at Rally Point! Follow along as they plot just where Jericho and surrounding towns really are!


Want to talk about season 2 of Jericho?

Let's speculate on Season Two. What would you like to see?


Printable Jericho Board Game. Fun for the whole family!


The Three Word Story
An on-going story, all you have to do is add the next three words!!


Jericho Fan Video player - watch fan created videos!


Jericho Word Search Puzzles

Have fun and good luck!


DVD Discussion Folder - what are your favorite bonus features?


Guardians of Jericho- all the latest news and updates about Jerichon 2008!


The famous I Know Who Dropped the Bombs thread


Talk to experienced folks about what they are doing to prepare for a real life disaster


Great list of games and fun!


New to the CBS message boards? Here is a tutorial to help and a place to ask questions


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jericho: Fun Links

Rich from Copyright Inc said in his chat with us, we needed to "take it to the streets" to promote Jericho. To spread the message beyond the CBS board.

Here is a list of links from RFJ, Rally Point and CBS. These are fun links you can visit and also share with others! If you belong to your local Jericho Yahoo group you could post it there and also to other message boards you may belong to. We need to start venturing out and spreading the word to other places on the web and we want to send those potential new fans to some cool posts.

This is a great way to have fun yourself and share with others!

Let's celebrate Jericho! The best way to promote Jericho is to be a fan!

Want to chat with fellow Jericho fans?

Check out the scheduled events on the right side of the page for more info, including Jericho trivia with Morgan5318 on Tues and Sat- now with prizes for the winners!


Rob's Bunker - the indoor nuclear playground


The Morse Code Thread

Now this is really fun! The only requirement - you must reply in Morse code. But we have made that easy for you!! Below is a link to a Morse code translator:

Stop by - have fun, get silly, tell a joke, leave a thought for the day, etc...

Post here.


Have you bought your Jericho Cookbook yet?

They still have some available!! And it is a really nice cookbook filled with good recipes and thoughts about Jericho from the fans.


What Jericho character do you relate to?

Let us know who you like and why!


And along the same line - Your 5 most favorite and 5 least favorite characters!

This was both fun and hard to pick only 5 on each one!


Radio Free Jericho ROCKS ON!

Jericho radio is now taking dedications!!! You can read about it here.



Want to help keep Jericho in the news on the web? Use this list to "DIGG" Jericho web articles to the top of the list!!



You can play this fun game both at CBS and RFJ, come have some fun and get someone wet!

More to come tomorrow!!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

DVR's and TV Ratings

Five freshman drama series -- NBC's "Bionic Woman," "Life," "Journeyman," "Chuck" and CBS' "Cane" -- have received orders for additional scripts.

"You knew it would happen: DVRs are finally breaking down the TV ratings system.

Because DVRs make skipping over commercials so easy, Nielsen is now rating commercials themselves, based in part on how often people stop fast-forwarding and watch them. According to a New York Times report, DVRs have also affected show ratings themselves: after a single night, a show like How I Met Your Mother might have a 2.7, but by the end of the week, when everyone with a DVR has watched it, the rating might be much higher, at 4.1. The trouble is, both of these new ratings take weeks to process."

Here's a new Jericho blog with a unique twist.

Check it out here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Internet: Ad Revenue

From Rich of Copywrite Ink:
"Advertising online is the only medium that has seen substantial gains in spending. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Internet ad revenue totaled almost $10 billion, which represents an increase of nearly 27 percent from the same period a year ago."

"As Customers Flock to the Web, Intel Gives Chase With Its Ad Budget"

Cultural Learnings: Sound Off Week

"Yesterday, in discussing the problem of points of origin, it was inevitable that we’d leak into today’s issue. The established knowledge of other sites is a barrier of entry, but it is only one cause of the confusion that many fans delved further into within the comments section yesterday. Hey! Nielsen’s general design is, in itself, confusing even without any pre-existing views on what social networking represents."

Now Boarding for Jericho Junction

Get the latest here.

"In an effort to get people to tune into its new show, Viva Laughlin, CBS has partnered with Limbo on a mobile interactive game."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Writer's Strike: Will It Help Jericho ?

Interesting article with a lot of details:

"A real TV writers’ strike could mean interesting drama in the advertising sales offices of broadcast networks — as if this ad market hasn’t been theatrical enough.

In theory, marketers could make networks redo all their upfront deals, says one media agency executive. Why? Because they paid for original network programming - not for reruns, or some half-baked reality shows, or some not-fleshed-out backburner scripted shows."

Nielsen Reverses Rule on Rebroadcast Ratings

"Nielsen is eliminating a new rule that was intended to help advertisers better track how many people watched a TV show and their ads no matter when they watched it. But outcry over the way NBC used the policy to report ratings for the season debut of its hit "Heroes" has scuttled the effort -- at least for now.

The ensuing brouhaha illustrates some of the troubles in measuring TV audiences who are able to use new technology to view programs in new and different ways. More viewers are using digital video recorders to watch their favorite programs hours or days after their original broadcast; downloading episodes from iTunes or Amazon; and watching streaming episodes of the programs online. Networks, recognizing that not all the fans of a show are able to watch it the night it originally airs, have begun to schedule encore episodes (often on Friday or Saturday nights) as a way to give more people a chance to see the episode. As this trend develops, the true total number of viewers of a particular episode comes not only from measuring a traditional TV audience."

"The debut of the CBS reality show “Survivor: China” delivered 15 million viewers on Sept. 20. In an indication of how important digital video recorder playback is becoming, it gained another 2.1 million DVR viewers within one week of the premiere.

DVR playback data for the first week of the fall television season will be released next week."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jericho: DVD Release

The producers have added photos from the DVD Release party to Fan Central. What a nice change. Hope they do it more often.

Margie and Edna are back with their special kind of advice.
See here.

"Two weeks into the fall television season, broadcast networks are ensnared in familiar fights over ratings points and demographics. But this year, two new developments have removed much of the meaning from overnight ratings."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Leslie Moonves: Poultry Concerns

"Open Letter to CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves from United Poultry Concerns

"I am writing to you in regard to the killing of two hens on “Kid Nation” on September 26, 2007. I request that CBS refrain from this kind of programming in the future.

This is the second time I have written to you about the killing of live animals on your shows targeting children and teenage audiences. First there was “Survivor,” and now there is this ugliness of CBS to contend with. What is wrong with you?"

Excellent article from The Jericho Bulletin

"CBS should stop being so cheap and PAY for the marketing and advertising it needs to promote Jericho properly, instead of needling the fans to provide more FREE STUFF for this multi-BILLION-DOLLAR corporation."

Here's a comment:

"On the other hand, it was a crafty move by CBS, if they intended the show to fail all along. Put the marketing in the hands of thousands of relative strangers with no PR training, and then expect them to do the same thing for which they pay the professionals in their advertising department. Then, once the amateur marketing fails, they can chalk it up as the fans not being "passionate" enough. And they wonder why people are unhappy with them?"

*** CBS has done a lot of things that have caused me to lose faith in them. I don't think they learned much from Nuts at all.***

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jericho: Mysterious Nielsen's

"Nielsen Media Research has long been that sleepy and mysterious enterprise -- occasionally vilified, frequently cajoled and periodically challenged by would-be competitors -- whose findings determine whether TV shows live or die.

Lately, however, the company has roused itself to pursue grander ambitions, just at the point where exploding media options and the hunger for easily digestible data suggest the TV industry might benefit if Nielsen stuck to its knitting."

"In an age of instant statistical gratification, network execs are discovering that patience is now much more than a virtue -- it's a fact of life.

While box office prognosticators these days can hazard a reliable guess as to a pic's perf after just one or two East Coast showings, TV's rapidly evolving distribution landscape is increasingly turning the ratings race into something of a guessing (and waiting) game.

New viewing options such as DVRs, streaming videos and instant downloads that allow auds to watch shows on their own timetable are making it harder than ever to figure out just how many people are tuning in to a show -- particularly new series. And it has become easier than ever for nets to spin Nielsen numbers and hide behind more marginally performing shows."

"Because commercial-minute ratings don't mean much to the average viewer, Nielsen and the networks still are paying attention to program ratings. Those numbers give the earliest determination of whether a show is doing well, which is crucial for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the public relations battle the networks always fight."

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jericho, Sprague, and TvBigShot

"What would you think about an online "fantasy" game that offered $100,000 cash to the person who could best predict which shows the Nielsen households would watch over a nine-month period? Would you have a problem with it, if Nielsen household members -- or even Nielsen employees -- could play and win?

What if the rules of this game provided an incentive for Nielsen members who are enrolled in the game to watch broadcast TV shows instead of cable TV shows? And what if, in order to get really good at the game, Nielsen members would peruse and learn about dozens of network-only TV shows, many of which they would not have otherwise known about, while not being exposed to a single cable TV show?

Well, folks, such a game exists. It's called TVBigShot, and the game is sponsored by NBC Universal and the Bravo Company. The motto at the top of the Web site? "Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks." Over 16,300 people have already subscribed, and the game is designed to attract people who are passionate about TV and TV ratings. I think this game will draw Nielsen members like moths to a cathode ray tube."

Sprague Grayden says it's Jericho fans against the world.

"She also believes its time to re-evaluate the Nielsen Ratings system, believes "Jericho" leading lady Sprague Grayden -- after seeing thousands of "Jericho" fans create the campaign that caused CBS to reverse the show's cancellation. "Obviously, 'Jericho' is doing well on the Internet or TiVo, but there's no way to rate that. I think it happens to a lot of shows. This whole TiVo situation is a problem," she says."

"Who knew a post-apocalyptic world could be so beautiful?
Jericho Season 1"

"How brave of CBS to be one of the first networks to say, 'You know what? We need to revisit this. We need to find a new way to define how successful a show is.'" She continues, "The fact that our producers are so open-minded and are saying, 'Sure, I'll listen' -- that never happens. We're all kind of in it together now. It's not just 'Jericho' versus CBS or other shows. It's now 'Jericho' and our fans kind of versus the world."

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nielsen Numbers

"All TV: New Nielsen measurement changes the numbers game"

"It will be a game-changer, but it will not be a significant game-changer," said Melva Benoit, Fox's senior VP of research. "DVRs have doubled in penetration, and Nielsen's finally caught up to have more DVRs in the sample. We'll see some changes in some shows that narrowly fit the profile, but it's unlikely that a number 15 show (under the traditional measurement) would crack the top 10 (factoring in Live Plus Seven), for instance."

Many thanks to Kystorms who let Margie and Edna visit her blog. Check it out here.

Looking For Jericho Soon?

"Anybody up for a little "Jericho"? Like, say, just in time for Thanksgiving?"

"Playback" payback: Nielsen ratings to include DVR viewings"

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jericho: Passionate Champions

From Amber of Watching Jericho:

The Nuts Campaign showed me that if you give something to people that they are truly passionate about, they will react and make sure that they are being heard if you take it away. I’ve been a part of other “Save Our Show” campaigns in the past, to the point that I used to think that if I liked a show, it was a guarantee to be cancelled, but there’s really not been anything quite like the Nuts Campaign before. It really showed me that it was a good thing to believe in people and what they can do, given a chance.

The greatest lesson for me, that my efforts, no matter how small they seemed to me, were as important as anyone else's, when added to the whole. Lots of small rocks can make a big mountain!


"CBS’s ‘Jericho’ Could Return Next Month—Or Next Year"

Great article. You'll love it.

Interview with Sprague Grayden

I found this quite interesting:

"In our own time, the internet has served as an extraordinary platform accelerating communications and facilitating the formation of interest group circles with astonishing power to challenge status quo spider organizations. Apart from the many examples highlighted by Brafman and Beckstrom, consider this summer’s grassroots “Nuts” campaign that persuaded CBS to reverse its decision to cancel the 2006-7 show “Jericho” after one, cliff-hung season. Today more than ever before, an appealing idea with a passionate champion has the ability to move mountains."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jericho: Changed By the Nuts

How did the Nuts campaign change you? Part II

1. Terocious:

When I stop to consider that only 5 months have passed since the initiation of Save Jericho I am absolutely blown away by how much our metaphors of war mirror war itself. There have been some needless and necessary casualties and some victories that were nothing short of miracles. There have been long days in foxholes passing the time playing cards and moments when you would give anything to know the whereabouts of your best friend.

The language of war has been a part of all of this from the beginning. We have received mission orders and gone to Boot camp. This continues to be true as I write. I am amazed at how familiar and even comforting it has all become to me.

My twenties were spent as part of a 10 person independent theatre company. I learned, as part of that company that group dynamics has a life of it's own. That experience helped me to prepare for group dynamics on a major scale within the Jericho movement. I have been fascinated to watch as moods swept thru the group like the folks who hold up signs in a stadium. I think, for some writer, there is an incredible book in all of this.

I have said before that Jericho Fans are my Hero. This is not because they always do the right thing but because they always do something. They try and if something does not go right then you can count on them to try something else.

I find this inspiring.

2. ADker:

I have tried to be a good follower, a good Ranger. I have so little experience on message boards, in a fan community and on the internet that the only way I could possibly contribute was as a good follower. A fundamental part of my personality is that I buck authority and this has been challenging for me.

The whole experience of posting, exploring the internet, digging, reading blogs, not to mention blog talk radio, has been a virtual education.

Any change in me has been for the better. Overall, I have nothing negative to say about the campaign or this entire experience.

3. Mswldflwr:

The Save Jericho campaign helped see me through a very difficult time in my life more than changed me. On March 21st, 2007 I received a call that my father had passed away. It was very unexpected and he was only 69 years old. I live 600 miles from my family. They are in Michigan and I am in Pennsylvania.. So I went "home" and went through the motions that one must go through when they lose a loved one. I was only able to stay with my family for a week, but had to get back to work. Well, I don't have a husband or children, so I had nothing to put any energy into and the sadness just seemed to invade every aspect of my life I just couldn't seem to find the energy or the desire to get on with things. And worrying week after week how well my mother was going to be able to figure out how to live without my father and only being able to be with her over the telephone.

Then along came the Save Jericho campaign. I finally had something to do that gave me something to think about other than just work and sadness. It seemed a little odd at first finding joy at watching the nut count go up every day. Something so simple, but at least it was something. And listening to how grateful the actors were on Shaun's show. Day by day I found myself not feeling the cloud quite so heavy over my head because of the simple baby step joys.

And then Memorial Day came and it was the traditional weekend that my parents would usually come to visit. Only this year, they wouldn't be coming. But at least I knew how important it was to keep the boards busy that weekend and that's what I did. Again, something so simple, but something I could do and now allow myself to wallow quite so much.

By the time June 6th came and the announcement was made, it was the first time in months that I had something to be completely JOYFUL about without feeling guilty about being happy. So thank you, CBS. I will always miss my father, but the mourning period became a little bit easier.

4. Eskiepup:

In regards to Jericho & the Nuts campaign and how it changed me, I agree with what my fellow Rangers have already stated so well.

I'd like to add the following observations:

- I note that some folks have stated that, up to now, they had been passive about things in their life that had not gone well for them. I've been the opposite: I've been the warhorse that would go to battle over a perceived wrong, poor treatment by a business, etc, but over the years, I've acquired "battle fatigue". ;-) As a result, I've had to carefully choose my battles, 'cause I realized that ya can't win them all. What a great surprise it was to find that so many of you thought that Jericho was worth the fight, and we joined together to bring it back. You all have rekindled my spirits!

- I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm pretty tired of dealing with unresponsive people, corporations (and governments!). No one likes to talk to a wall, or to be ignored. To think that as a culmulative result of Jericho fans pulling together, we actually persuaded CBS to sit up, take notice, and give Jericho (a TV show that WE want!) a second shot is a real triumph, a win for us all. To paraphrase what some of you have already said, it's amazing what we can do as a group. For fans to bring back a cancelled show is a pretty rare situation; let's be proud of our accomplishment!

- Speaking of shows... I found it fascinating that I was able to "catch up" on the first 10 episodes of Jericho by watching it online. The ability to watch these shows online, the Jericho website blogs, chats, wikis, along with the NUTS campaign itself - maybe I'm wrong or sadly uninformed, but all of these resources together is semi-state-of-the-art, groundbreaking stuff for networks and TV shows (it must have been if the Jericho website was considered for an Emmy). Could you imagine how successful we would have been if NONE of this had been available on the CBS website to initially pull us together? The times are changing for entertainment media, and all of this together with our demand for Jericho's return will affect and shape the future of TV. And to think we're part of making this happen!

- Last, but not least..... during this campaign, I've had numerous opportunities to post/email/chat with fellow Rangers, and in the process, I got to "know" them and become friends. This has not been the greatest year for me & my family from a health & employment perspective, but as I've talked with others, I found that many others have gone through some challenges, too. This is life, and as a group and "family" of Rangers, we pull through together.


Up to even last year, I would have never thought of joining in a campaign like this one. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get involved to save Jericho because it is a great show; I was so sick of all the garbage that is on network TV. At first, it was kind of a fun thing to be doing: sending nuts, writing, emailing, etc. But it has evolved into so much more than that. It made me realize that if a lot of people band together to stand up and fight for something they believe in, they really do have a chance to achieve their goal, even against a giant corporation like CBS.

I also became more aware and involved in the internet community. I finally got out of the stone age, computer-wise, and got a new PC and broadband internet (I had dial-up before), all because of the campaign. I've learned about digging, message boards and all kinds of things online that I never knew about before or hadn't taken part in. I've even become involved in getting a fan club up and running, something I probably never would have done if it weren't for the Jericho campaign.

On the downside for me, I didn't realize how hard it would be to recruit people to watch the show once it had been saved and the re-runs were to air. I was afraid of talking it up so much that it would turn people off. I still keep talking about the show and urging people to watch it, but even now I hope I'm not pushing it too far. It's been difficult to gauge when enough is enough.

My overall experience with the campaign has definitely been positive. Even though I don't have as much of a chance to post and get to know more of the Rangers better, I still feel like I am part of the family. And that alone has been

More to come.