Saturday, August 4, 2007

Comic Con Recap and Monster Interview

Fantastic recap of Jericho at Comic-Con

A Monster Fan Interview: Skeeterbit
Get to know Jericho Ranger Skeeterbit

"Networks make it easy to catch up on your favorite shows on the Web
Last weekend I spent 23 hours watching the entire "Jericho" series. I watched the episodes on, streamed live into my Web browser."

"Is CBS trying to resurrect or destroy Jericho? The finely tuned science fiction series, starring Skeet Ulrich, is back on CBS's schedule but only after viewers mounted a mighty protest. Now Jericho is back for the summer but for only 13 episodes – a sort of "best of" test. At least this time Jericho isn't up against American Idol. But to build a bigger fan base the series needs careful promotion and putting it on Fridays is simply wacky; this is the least watched night of the year. In fact, rumour has Jericho moving into Moonlight's 9 p.m. time slot anyway come fall and very soon: Moonlight's a real stinker and should last for only a few weeks (CBS at 9)."

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