Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Memoriam: GaTravelGirl

We were all shocked and saddened today to learn that GaTravelGal passed away unexpectedly last weekend. Today I dedicate this blog to her for her love and dedication to Jericho. Keep reading and see why she was a special lady. She will not be forgotten.

July 10, 2007:

GaTravelGirl establishes the Jeriatric Boomers Ward at CBS:


Hey y'all! I know this has been posted before, but I'm just curious as to how many baby-boomers are in the fan base. I've been referring to myself as a Jericho Jeriatric! I'm 56, hubby is 51, so we're definitely boomers. I'd love to hear from the rest of you. I'd also like CBS to see that this show appeals to us older folks (Jeriatrics) too. Thanks for participating!"

July 11:

"Please tell tell your mom that all of us Jericho Rangers appreciate her support during the Save Jericho Campaign, especially using her SS funds to help out! Let's hope CBS is reading this thread so they'll know how vast the fan base is, and that Jericho appeals to ALL ages. Thanks for posting!"

Aug. 5:

"The 50's: I was born in '51 so I can't remember too much from the early 50's, but some things I do remember are watching Romper Room & Capt. Kangaroo in the mornings before I went to school. As I got older, I remember coming home from junior & senior high and watching The Secret Storm with my mom. I remember riding the street car to downtown Pittsburgh with my parents because we didn't have a car. I remember having a hula-hoop and a "Shirley Temple" doll.

The 60's: I was a teenager in the 60's, graduated in '69. Of course the biggest news was the appearance of The Beatles. I remember getting my first stereo, thinking I was one of the luckiest girls on the face of the planet. On this stereo I played my 45's & even some old 33-1/2's & 78's. I remember always playing just one side of the record because the flip side was something no one ever heard of! I remember wearing mohair sweaters and plaid skirts to school, with knee socks & either saddle shoes or "maryjanes". I remember taking some of the mohair and wrapping it around my boyfriend's class ring so it wouldn't fall off. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I was really into Motown....Smokey & the Miracles, The Tempations, etc. I remember ironing my hair or going to bed with orange juice cans to make it as straight as possible...along with extremely long bangs! Ahhh, the 60's, I could go on and on....

The 70's: I was married & had 2 children in the 70's. I never really got into the whole "flower child-psychedelic" scene. I will admit, I did get into the disco scene a little bit, but mostly R&B like Earth, Wind & Fire. I actually wore "hot pants" to work with my tall white boots. (OMG!) I had the "Farrah Faucett" hair too!

Anyway...these are just a few of my memories. Care to share any of yours? It might be a real "pick-me-up" for us Boomers during these long, hot summer days (& nights). Come on JERIatrics...let's share memories again!"

She also had her own blog doing TV reviews.

Thanks to Susan Davis:
"In the spirit of remembrance for a fallen ranger or, as need2no2 so eloquently put it, a Jericho Angel I am hoping we can observe a thread of silence for GaTravelGal to show that our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and everyone she touched in her life.

If everyone could please post 5 stars in your reply to observe the thread of silence. "

GaTravelGirl is our Monster Fan of the Week for her tireless support of Jericho and her love for all Jericho Rangers. See a special tribute to her here on Sat.

Rest in peace JerichoAngel.


CRISTY said...


Jayhawkgirl said...

Very well done, nice way to remember GATravelGirl.

Jayhawkgirl said...

Sorry, meant GATravelGal : )

Kay said...


SaveJake said...

Sorry to hear this news...
Thanks SJ for remembering a very special lady.

She will be missed.

Jericho Saved said...

I am sorry. Did I say Girl? It was Gal but I was reading her posts about memories and she was a girl once so I'll leave it as is.
Thank you all for commenting.

azlady said...

A great tribute to a great Jericho Ranger, now a Jericho Angel.

kystorms said...

GATravelGal was a total hoot, we had a bunch of fun goofing on and on about Skeet, I will miss her posts alot :-( But, I know now that we have our own special angel in Heaven to look down on all of us. She touched everyone she spoke with, with her sweetness.
God Bless GATravelGal

Hawksdomain said...

Beautiful blog, Sweat! Yesterday was a very sad day in Jericho Fandom to learn of GATravelGal's passing. The DVD for Troops group is hoping to be able to get her son's address, as he is in the Airforce and we want to make sure he is able to see the show that his mother loved so much!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting.
Hawksdomain, thank you. I hope you can get that address. That would be wonderful to send her son the DVD. Wouldn't she love that?

PlatPat said...

I'll bet she's whispering in God's ear right now about Jericho! Thank you GaTravelGal.


alpha99wolf said...

GaTravelGal was instrumental in creating the JERIatric Boomers Ward thread. I posted on this thread as well as a few people. GaTravGal was recently at Disneyworld, came back, went in for an operation, and then went to her heavenly home suddenly. I will personally miss GaTravGal, being that I did spend time corresponding on this thread with her. My heart is heavy, as I have been off the board a few days and someone kindly told me in an e-mail about GaTravGal passing away. I had been waiting for GaTravGal to return as I knew she was in hospital.
GaTravGal was a genuine person. Not just a poster or ranger or Jericho fan. She was sincere in her effort to meet & greet every newcomer that came to this thread. She made people feel comfortable and shared many memories that applied to the Boomers plus age group. She also made the younger generation welcome. I am shocked and saddened by this news because I did take the time to post on this thread. This is what we call REAL LIFE important events. People. People that had a family, had the heart and soul to be loving and caring on this cbs site. GaTravGal wasn't just a fan promoting Jericho or trying to see her name in lights or trying to be poplular on the board. Or competing with anyone. SHE WAS A REAL PERSON. GENUINE. SINCERE. My heart hurts by this shocking news. PLEASE - if her family is reading -- I send my strength and hugs to you during your grief. Know that I in my own way I grieve deeply. GaTravGal - You were one classy, enjoyable real person that I truly cared about and know that you really cared about the Boomers who really had no other place to express such wonderful memories. You did that, GaTravGal, and right now I shed my tears for you, friend, and for your family. May God be with you during this time.

Jericho Saved said...

I know this has hurt you deeply. Katie was kind to everyone and a genuine person. She was giving and unselfish and never wanted any glory for what she did.
My prayers are with you and her family.