Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blowing In The Wind

We've been discussing ways we would promote Jericho if we could be Nina Tassler for a while. We'll discuss it further in a moment but, first, let me say that we aren't Nina and I expect she has some long, nutty days at her job. We aren't there so we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. That gave me an idea:

Ms. Tassler,
We are doing as you asked by recruiting more viewers for Jericho. We have some concerns which have been addressed in a three part series. We mean no disrespect to you because you brought Jericho back. May I ask a small favor from all of us?
Would you please take a few minutes to read all the ideas and see if there are some that appeal to you? Maybe there are some that aren't possible to do. Then, would you please consider doing one of three things?

1. Add a comment here to this post addressing our issues.

2. Reply to us on the CBS board or Fan Central.

3. Email me at and allow me to post your reply here.

We do appreciate you and all you do for Jericho.

May I give you a short rundown of all the ideas so you can have a quick read?

1. Announce at end of episode if Jericho won't be seen next week and when it will return.

2. Advertise DVD at least once during the show.

3. Facilitate the merger of television and the internet.

4. Advertise in movie theaters, on Oprah, on Blog Radio.

5. Give away DVD's and have the cast do DVD signings.

6. Have a Jericho contest or sweepstakes. Instant win game maybe?

7. Advertise more and tell people about Fan Central and The Salty Scoop.

8. Have a Fan Panel and let them have someone at CBS as a liason to check in weekly for updating. You could post poll questions at Fan Central and get fan input.

9, Exterminate football or put them on somewhere else.

10. More ads, more promos, use RubberPoultry's videos/graphics, and more communication for us from CBS.

11. Don't skip episodes.

12. Use the Nuts campaign as an honor. "CBS Cares."

We respectfully request that you consider our requests and respond.

Thank you.


kestral said...

I couldn't have said this any better. Thank you for addressing these issues! Now will someone at CBS finally listen to what we are saying??? I completely and wholeheartedly support the request made by Jericho Monster! In the words of our beloved Johnston Green...CBS..."Don't you break my heart again."

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks. You'd think CBS would consider some of our ideas. People are willing to help.
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I'm sure someone at CBS will see this. Nina did announce they are listening and want to work with the fans. Who knows, ya might just hear back from them soon.