Friday, August 10, 2007

CBS: Meet RubberPoultry

There have been comments from the beginning of the Nuts campaign about why CBS won't use fan created art or videos. Maybe it's because NBC beat them to it.
CBS continues to overlook one of their best assets in our campaign to win new viewers--RubberPoultry.

No, that's not one of Mimi's pet names for her chicken. RubberPoultry is one of the most creative people I have ever seen. He has done posters, videos, fan art; an endless list of wonderful promotional tools.The picture I've used today is his. Consider what could be done with all his creativeness by reading below about what NBC is doing.

"First Broadcast Network Site to Introduce True Community Features with Networking Tools"

Your video could be featured on NBC. "That's right...we'll be checking out the videos on a regular basis and if any of the videos stand out as being extra special, we might feature it on NBC."

***Good idea CBS. Why won't you do this? RubberPoultry and other fans have made incredibly motivating videos.***

"Let your inner artist out and create something fantastic to submit to our Heroes Fan Art Gallery. Whether you love to draw, paint, create graphic illustrations, take/edit photos...whatever your medium, we want to see it! Besides, wouldn't it be great to tell all your friends your very own artwork is featured at"

***I'm beginning to wish Jericho was on NBC. All of this, created by Jericho fans, would go a long way to showing that CBS really does care.***

You can upload and share your own videos and photos, create public profiles about yourself, build your own fan groups around your favorite shows, access community pages from your cell phone and receive video and content recommendations based on the activity of other like-minded users.

***Wow!! Wouldn't this be incredible???***

"Get an inside look into the plots and characters of the NBC shows you know and love. Whether it’s a producer, actor or character blog, you’ll read stuff here you can’t find anywhere else."

CBS may care but it looks like NBC cares a whole lot more.


ahma said...

Rubberpoultry did an amazing job of keeping us all motivated during the Save Jericho campaign. He has been so generous with his time and talents to Jericho and it's fans. Once again CBS has it't head in the sand. They need to open that big eye of theirs.

terocious said...

RubberPoultry has be tireless and selfless in using his talents to promote Jericho. His images have energized the shows fans time and again.

kestral said...

Thank you for your wonderful words of support! Rubberpoultry is indeed a very gifted individual. There were so many times in the campaign his talents provided a much needed morale boost or even just a much needed laugh! The work he does is absolutely professional quality. I personally feel that it's much better than anything CBS has been doing for Jericho! I think a lot of us fans have been saying CBS needs to use his stuff for a while now! I truly do hope that CBS sees this and chooses to recognize the amazing artwork coming from Rubberpoultry!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting in support of RP. CBS has a secret weapon and can't seem to recognize it.
Open the eye, CBS.

Anonymous said...

Rubber Poultry really deserves our gratitude. He and his talents are definitely a major contributor to Jericho’s return and hopefully long life. I was so glad to see him applauded by the cast and crew at ComiCon. Keep em coming Rubber Poultry!!!

Hawksdomain said...

Rubber Poultry is simply 'da bomb'!!!

As generous as he is creative. He has supported a new promotion by creating a wonderful grapic for us! Stop by Nuts for Jericho to see one of his latest works!

openminded1 said...

Rubberpoultry is a creatve and talented artist, a good friend, and he's cute too.

I would love to see CBS use some of his promo work.

vicki said...

RubberPoulty is incredibly talented! Wake up CBS - you have a diamond shining right in front of you!!!

Skeeterbit said...

I wish I had one itty-bitty bit of RubberPoultry's talent; and he's giving it away to us! He's been so incredibly inspirational to this campaign. I personally have used his Skeet-related graphics to, for lack of a better term, "turn friends on" to Jericho! LOL
Thank you RP for sharing your time, your energy, and your talents.

Jayhawkgirl said...

I agree, CBS needs to look at what an amazing job RubberPoultry has done. All of his images have been amazing & very motivational for the Rangers. Thanks for giving RP the recognition he deserves : )

rubberpoultry said...
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rubberpoultry said...

Rubberpoultry here! Thanks everyone. You are all very kind. I'm continually pumped up by how the fans have reacted to my work. It has been very humbling to say the least. I don't know if CBS will ever have me do anything "official", but I'll be a fan of Jericho as long as there is a Jericho to be a fan of. I'll keep producing graphics and videos as time allows, but I too wish they had a broader reach than my own postings on the various boards.

ccpdppr said...

Great article....RP constantly amazes me in everything he produces. And...he is not the only one. Just as an example take a look at the all videos compiled by laramarie1 in her MASTER list. If CBS actually used fan artwork, I suspect the influx of talented fans to the web page would also increase. I'm sure they will figure it out. As always it is probabaly not the individuals moving slowly in the decision making process but the bureaucratic monolith.