Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jericho: How To Digg

Jericho Digg Day

Oct. 28th

Why is Digg so important to Jericho?

Once a submission has earned a critical mass of Diggs, it becomes “popular” and jumps to the homepage in its category. If it becomes one of the most popular, it qualifies as a “Top 10”. If a submission doesn't receive enough Diggs within a certain time period, it eventually falls out of the “Upcoming” section.
The system only works when users actively participate on a large scale, so make sure to do your part and Digg content that matters to you!

Basically, the more Diggs a Jericho article gets the more people who will see it. I'm not talking about 10, 50, or even 100 Diggs-we need thousands. Do you want CBS to stand up and notice us again? Do you want to support the cast and crew of Jericho? Do you want more viewers? Here's a simple way to do all that and more.

For a Digg Tutorial go here.

I have this set up where you only have to go to one page to digg everything.

If you have not registered at Digg then please see below and use my invite.

Come Join My Network at Digg

sweat1951 is a member of Digg and would like to send you an invitation. With Digg you can help promote and share news to the millions of Digg viewers with a single click (Digging a story).

Invite your friends or find them on Digg and add them to your friends list. Then your friends can track what you’re Digging and you can see what they Digg as well, enabling you to collectively find news together.

When you click on the Digg button after reading an article you may be taken to a page where you will see that you are the first person to Digg it so you must submit the story. It's very simple.
1. You will be asked for the title of the story. The URL will be right above that space so you can usually get the title from that.
2. You write a brief little bit as to what the story is about.
3. Scroll down to categories and choose TV.
4. Scroll down and you find one of those boxes where you type in the code which shows you aren't a bot.
5. You may come to a page that says similar stories have been submitted. None of them will be the one you're entering so scroll down and hit the Submit button and you're all done.

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