Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jericho: Controlling Online Content

Rich of Copywrite Ink has a group called BlogStraightTalk at BlogCatalog.com. You have to have a blog to be a member and only members can post. You can, however, read the discussion.

Today's topic is "Who Controls your Online Content?" In light of the moderation issues with CBS this topic is especially helpful today.

Karen Mattonen says," When instituting the protections of copyright on the internet, congress’s main focus was to allow for the preservation of the freedom, sharing and development of flow of ideas and conversation, and the competitive free market. A desire to promote unfettered speech, as it allows for a “true diversity of political discourse, .. cultural development and intellectual activity.

The censorship of posts on the internet, as well as removing individuals from sites because one doesn’t agree with the discussions; preferential treatment; or whatever blows an individual’s skirt up appears to be totally against the grain of the first amendment and what congress had in mind in regards to the DMCA and the CDA."

What is EFF?
EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.

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Karen M said...

thanks so much for putting this info out there.. I wanted to post earlier, but I could not log into my account.. was the darndest thing..
Anyways, I am here now, and really want to say thanks for bring this up.

So many of us don't realize the importance of this subject until unfortunately it happens to us.. by then, it becomes too late