Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jericho: Passionate Champions

From Amber of Watching Jericho:

The Nuts Campaign showed me that if you give something to people that they are truly passionate about, they will react and make sure that they are being heard if you take it away. I’ve been a part of other “Save Our Show” campaigns in the past, to the point that I used to think that if I liked a show, it was a guarantee to be cancelled, but there’s really not been anything quite like the Nuts Campaign before. It really showed me that it was a good thing to believe in people and what they can do, given a chance.

The greatest lesson for me, that my efforts, no matter how small they seemed to me, were as important as anyone else's, when added to the whole. Lots of small rocks can make a big mountain!


"CBS’s ‘Jericho’ Could Return Next Month—Or Next Year"

Great article. You'll love it.

Interview with Sprague Grayden

I found this quite interesting:

"In our own time, the internet has served as an extraordinary platform accelerating communications and facilitating the formation of interest group circles with astonishing power to challenge status quo spider organizations. Apart from the many examples highlighted by Brafman and Beckstrom, consider this summer’s grassroots “Nuts” campaign that persuaded CBS to reverse its decision to cancel the 2006-7 show “Jericho” after one, cliff-hung season. Today more than ever before, an appealing idea with a passionate champion has the ability to move mountains."

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terocious said...

"For the church which sees starfish as opportunities instead of threats, the potential for turbo-charging the spread of the gospel is staggering."

Very interesting article. I have wanted to read "The Tipping Point" since it came out as well. Great find Jane!