Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CBS: Breaking News

CBS? We think you need to explain this.

"This is what Kimberly who works for CBS Sportsline customer service who I was transfered to by the main swtichboard.

Meaning the information telling us to go to Sportsline with our issues is erroneous.

The user name robert_green is a generic username shared by about 100 people who moderate the message boards.

Now, keep in mind that Jennifer from CBS Sportsline (main switchboard) told me on Friday that they were getting the moderators together and we would get some communication on the boards.

So CBS Admin2 does not work for CBS yet CBS Admin2 has been posting announcements and questions for producers, etc. etc. etc.


We need some clear concise answers and information from CBS.

In other words- somebody's got some explainin' to do."

"OK so who is CBS admin 2 who issued the press releases etc then. This is so confusing. "

" Why can't someone on this so called "moderation team" respond in some form or fashion to show the users of this board that action is really being taken?"

"So if CBS Admin2 does not work for CBS and CBS Admin 2 is the one who posts all the announcements and questions for the producers, etc. etc. etc. what does this mean????

It means that somebody has some explainin' to do.

What is going on CBS????????"

"Who did Kimberly work for Sportsline or CBS? I feel like we are treated like dogs and told to chase our tails by CBS."

"Just went to look at the post that sent us to sportsline and it was signed the Jericho Web Team. You would think if someone was signing on and asserting that they were someone from CBS that those posts would be removed by the real moderators. This makes no sense at all. "

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