Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How Did The Nuts Campaign Change You?

A while back I asked this question on the CBS message board:

We all helped save Jericho by changing CBS' mind and we got Jericho back.

How did the Nuts campaign change you?

Better or worse?

More tomorrow.


This campaign gave me faith that the little people can make a ruckus big enough to at least bend the behemoth that tends to make decisions for us. And while there was ample evidence of this through history, I don't think I had experienced it personally. While, as some say, it's just a TV show, and not finding the key to world peace, it gave me the faith in people I think I desperately needed. It has given me the resolve to keep on keeping on with the other projects in my life that I hold dear. I never thought in my wildest dreams that a television show would ever do that for me.


One big way the nuts campaign was a change for me is that it was based online. I had never been involved in anything so multi-faceted that was done primarily via the internet. It was amazing to watch and even more amazing to be a part of. People starting finding niches at an unbelievable rate of speed and filling them. It was all so vastly different from anything I have ever seen. This campaign has the potential to inspire many positive changes in society, and is something I am glad my young daughter got to see firsthand. I think this gave me a new perspective on the things that will be possible in the not so distant future.

I thought I was fairly good at thinking outside the box before all this. I have realized that when it comes to undertaking any sort of initiative on the internet, one has to learn to think not only outside the box, but be able to take a 2D box and make it a 3D box.


It made me more aggressive and less passive. I learned that if you feel something is not right then speak up and do something about it. I believe in Jericho. I feel it is more than a TV show, it is a lession in humanity among other things and I felt it was worth fighting for. Before this, I never would have got involved in something like this, but I am glad I did because it got results.


I learned that sometimes if enough little guys band together they CAN win, even against a huge entity like CBS. I heard over and over that we wouldn't, couldn't get our show back - it was gone, get over it. Guess what, everybody who said that was wrong! Next time something like that happens I won't be so quick to just accept it. I found out that I can call and email total strangers if I have to.


i learned to never give up. and also that nothing is impossible. i learned that i am not the only one who is so passionate about this show.


This campaign has made me very much more internet savvy.

now express my thoughts quicker and when people ask me about my bumper sticker NUTS4JERICHO- I am not afraid to tell them the whole and complete story of the show and the nuts campaign. I just wish I could go to the convention and meet some of the Rangers in person!!

I now believe you can really change anything if you try hard enough!!


I learned that I am not alone in regards to my feelings about JERICHO. I have grown and have been more willing to fight for what I love. I have learned to actively participate in a campaign to get something done. I believe that I can take on anything I feel is important to me (or to my country). Thank you JERICHO!


It helped me learn to speak my mind a bit more. I'm the kind of person that liked to blend in and not be noticed. I didn't like to "rock the boat" so to speak. This campaign taught me if I want something, I can't be afraid of sticking out or looking NUTS by everyone else. You never get what you want in this life by sitting back and waiting for it to come to you. You have to fight for it!


I am usually a very timid person who would never try to change anything. However, back in May, when CBS first cancelled Jericho, I actually got sick to my stomach. I believe Jericho is the best show that I have ever seen, and I am a senior citizen, so that is saying something. Over the past 4 months, I have called CBS, emailed them, voted, read and posted on these boards, and I help track the sponsors. It is almost like my love for Jericho has actually changed my personality for the better, and made me more outgoing.


maybei said...

It gave me faith that the voice of the common man can be heard.

erika said...

WOW. I love the Jericho fans. What a great thing to see...

azlady said...

Jericho fans are living proof of Power to the people.

Jayhawkgirl said...

The campaign gave me faith that ordinary people can make a difference. I also realized what a group of very determined people could do, if they stuck together. All the rangers are great, and I enjoy the spirit each of them has.