Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jericho: Ranked On Billboard

According to Jericho: The First Season ranks as #14 on their TOP TV DVD SALES CHART.

"Rash Report: Why The Networks Really Should Avoid a Strike"

"The release of "C3" ratings (commercial ratings based on live viewing and DVR viewing up to three days later) grabbed the industry's headlines. While there are many ways to interpret the data, one transcendent trend remained clear: It's still all about the programming.

By and large, the most-recorded programs approximated the highest live ratings. The degree to which the networks perceive DVRs to be a problem misses what is the true threat to broadcast: irrelevancy or apathy, a human response that is much harder to address than skipping ads. So, as the fall season struggles with a sluggish start, it's a particularly precarious time for what should head next week's headlines -- a possible writers' strike."

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