Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jericho: Fun Links

Rich from Copyright Inc said in his chat with us, we needed to "take it to the streets" to promote Jericho. To spread the message beyond the CBS board.

Here is a list of links from RFJ, Rally Point and CBS. These are fun links you can visit and also share with others! If you belong to your local Jericho Yahoo group you could post it there and also to other message boards you may belong to. We need to start venturing out and spreading the word to other places on the web and we want to send those potential new fans to some cool posts.

This is a great way to have fun yourself and share with others!

Let's celebrate Jericho! The best way to promote Jericho is to be a fan!

Want to chat with fellow Jericho fans?

Check out the scheduled events on the right side of the page for more info, including Jericho trivia with Morgan5318 on Tues and Sat- now with prizes for the winners!


Rob's Bunker - the indoor nuclear playground


The Morse Code Thread

Now this is really fun! The only requirement - you must reply in Morse code. But we have made that easy for you!! Below is a link to a Morse code translator:

Stop by - have fun, get silly, tell a joke, leave a thought for the day, etc...

Post here.


Have you bought your Jericho Cookbook yet?

They still have some available!! And it is a really nice cookbook filled with good recipes and thoughts about Jericho from the fans.


What Jericho character do you relate to?

Let us know who you like and why!


And along the same line - Your 5 most favorite and 5 least favorite characters!

This was both fun and hard to pick only 5 on each one!


Radio Free Jericho ROCKS ON!

Jericho radio is now taking dedications!!! You can read about it here.



Want to help keep Jericho in the news on the web? Use this list to "DIGG" Jericho web articles to the top of the list!!



You can play this fun game both at CBS and RFJ, come have some fun and get someone wet!

More to come tomorrow!!!!!!!

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