Monday, October 22, 2007

Ask Margie and Edna

1. If Roger cared so much about the refugees, why didn't he house a few of them? Was Emily worried about them seeing her thongs hanging on the shower rod to dry?

Margie: Honey, that's exactly why I didn't take in refugees either. I don't want just anybody seeing what I hang on my shower rod. My goodness, I'm blushing like a schoolgirl.

Edna: Margie, you haven't blushed since 1939, don't mislead our readers. And the reason we didn't take in any refugees didn't have anything to do with your unmentionables, it was because none of them wanted to stay here with you and your acid tongue. Lord knows why I still do.

As for why Roger didn't take in any of the refugees, maybe it wasn't up to him. Maybe they'd all gotten tired of his company by the time they got to Jericho. My lands, I hear that the whole entire walk back to town, he did nothing but yammer on about Emily. That would have gotten on my nerves, too.

Margie: Well, Edna, do you really want to talk about getting on somebody's nerves? Sakes alive, that Valium was invented for folks who had to be around you. And, speaking of being tired of certain company... Put that old sword down, Edna.


2. Dear Margie and Edna,

I am relatively new to town and I am not familiar with life outside the big city. I have heard the saying many times of someone running around like a "chicken with its head cut off". Now, I recently had to kill a chicken in order to have food to survive on. I was surprised that my chicken did not run around after I cut off its head. I think there was something wrong with my chicken and now I am afraid to eat it. The poor thing just flopped over dead. Was my chicken defective? I'm afraid it might have had some disease. Should I eat it or will it make me sick?

Yours truly,
Your friendly neighborhood ex-IRS agent

Margie: Honey, the chicken probably fell over dead because you mentioned the IRS. She probably thought you had come to tax her eggs. Don't you worry. You just fry that old chicken and bring Edna a piece.

Edna: Did someone say fried chicken? You just listen to Margie, there's nothing wrong with that chicken that a little hot oil and a biscuit won't cure.


3. All this talk about Jake's towel really has me mad. And have you seen the "Why" thread in the General comments folder? All these young things lusting after Jake. I need you girls to find out something for me. Does Jake like older women? I would think we have all the experience and could even teach that young man a thing or two. And what I really want you to find out, exactly which one of these young hussies has Jake's towel?

Question submitted by Moanin' Mary
Jericho Senior Citizens Center

Margie: Mary, I think you need to be taught a lesson! Towels are hard to come by these days. I'll find out if Jake likes older women while that towel is missing. Bye now.

Edna: I'm sorry, I don't think I can spend time with such old hussies as the two of you appear to be. Have some dignity, ladies! He's got plenty of women fighting over him as it is, he doesn't need the two of you joining the mix. Margie, you leave that boy alone, you hear me? Come back here! Oh my stars and garters, I guess I'd better go after my old fool of a sister. Moanin' Mary, I'm sorry but you're on your own.

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maybei said...

You two are priceless!! lol if you find out about Jake, let me know.

A breath of fresh air in the Jericho fandom!! Kudos!!