Friday, October 26, 2007

Jericho Fans: Guts and Brilliance

Hey Jericho Fans!!!! Here's a way to get CBS to pay attention. I nominated Jericho fans and more nominations couldn't hurt.

Who showed guts this year? Jericho fans!

Who executed with overall brilliance? Jericho fans!

Who should win?? Jericho fans!!

MEDIAPOST'S MARKETING DAILY WILL CHOOSE a Marketer of the Year, and we invite you to participate. Send us your nominations for marketers who this year showed some guts, pulled off an innovation and/or executed with overall brilliance.

We will select winning marketing executives in all key consumer marketing categories and one overall Marketer of the Year.

So tell us who you think should win, and why.

Send all nominations to Nina Lentini, editor of Marketing Daily, at no later than Friday, Nov. 2.

(It's OK to nominate yourself.)

"The 'Jericho' model

The pattern followed last year's surprise resurrection of CBS drama Jericho, which was granted a seven-episode reprieve (due early next year). In a campaign to save the show, dedicated fans sent cartons of nuts to network executives — who were nonetheless more impressed by the 5.3 million episodes that were streamed online.

In making decisions on which shows to renew or cancel, "you have to consider what's on these other platforms," says CBS Paramount Television chief Nancy Tellem. "We're trying to reach as many viewers as we can, no matter how it comes in. The frustration is making sure all of it gets counted."

And in some cases, it can tip the scales. With an endangered series, "you will start looking at other ways people view that show as a measure of its popularity," says Fox Broadcasting chairman Peter Liguori. And influenced by studios' sales of shows overseas and on DVD, "you start having a bigger conversation about whether the show comes back."


Nina said...

Hi all. I appreciate your enthusiasm for your show, but, as you are not, in fact, marketers, please don't fill up my e-mail with nominations for Marketer of the Year.

Thanks, Nina

Jericho Saved said...

I rspectfully disagree.
"On July 19, 2007 Nina Tassler spoke at the Television Critics Association semi-annual summer meeting. CBS executives, including Tassler, said it is up to fans to encourage word of mouth for the show. The network won't provide any specific directions or marketing materials, since that discourages word of mouth and viral marketing."

maybei said...

I would also like to disagree.

Marketers comes in all forms now a days. Take for instance, affiliate marketing. Done online by thousands of regular people like myself who do not work for some big ad agency.

Are Jericho fans marketers? You bet - and we use both traditional marketing venues as well as viral marketing.

We had a job to do and we did it - against all odds.

In fact - we did what the "professional" marketing people either could not or did not.