Monday, October 8, 2007

Leslie Moonves: Poultry Concerns

"Open Letter to CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves from United Poultry Concerns

"I am writing to you in regard to the killing of two hens on “Kid Nation” on September 26, 2007. I request that CBS refrain from this kind of programming in the future.

This is the second time I have written to you about the killing of live animals on your shows targeting children and teenage audiences. First there was “Survivor,” and now there is this ugliness of CBS to contend with. What is wrong with you?"

Excellent article from The Jericho Bulletin

"CBS should stop being so cheap and PAY for the marketing and advertising it needs to promote Jericho properly, instead of needling the fans to provide more FREE STUFF for this multi-BILLION-DOLLAR corporation."

Here's a comment:

"On the other hand, it was a crafty move by CBS, if they intended the show to fail all along. Put the marketing in the hands of thousands of relative strangers with no PR training, and then expect them to do the same thing for which they pay the professionals in their advertising department. Then, once the amateur marketing fails, they can chalk it up as the fans not being "passionate" enough. And they wonder why people are unhappy with them?"

*** CBS has done a lot of things that have caused me to lose faith in them. I don't think they learned much from Nuts at all.***


openminded1 said...

That comment there- is right on the money, I think.

erika said...

Really! Someone is upset about the killing of chickens!??! Do these people never eat chicken? There is nothing wrong with kids knowing hwere their dinner is coming from. We are raising a generation of babies....