Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jericho Rocks at RemoteAccess

Check out this article by Amy at Remote Access.

Jericho, Margie and Edna, and much more.

" I've been the only person around to suggest that Jericho's revival had less to do with angry and persistent fans as it did the uncertain landscape which the networks and studios find themselves.

The strike was looking extremely likely well before the authorization vote was called, and I think it is past the time that we put some serious weight behind the possibility that CBS brought back a limited run of new Jericho episodes as a backup plan to mitigate some of the strike damage.

And now it occurs to me that if CBS holds Jericho back until the other shows start running out of scripts and everyone is forced to start showing reruns and a flood of new reality programming, CBS will be one of the only places in town that has original programming to air - and good stuff at that, in Jericho.

This brings a much greater potential for eyeballs with no other new programming anywhere on TV that isn't reality garbage, it could give those limited number of Jericho episodes a rating unlike any the show has ever seen before. It's really a shame and I'm sure CBS is cursing itself for not ordering more episodes, because if this is the scenario that plays out, those seven episodes aren't going to last very long."

"Since the early 1940’s the television and advertising industries have relied on Nielsen Media Research to measure the popularity and success of television programming. Nielsen continues to be the leading provider of this information and their list of the top TV shows by demographic are consistently highlighted in the media and watched closely by Advertisers and the Television Networks. While I’m still interested in what Nielsen is reporting as the top shows, I’m left wanting more."

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