Sunday, September 30, 2007

HeyNielsen: Buzz Or Metric

Rich of Copywrite Ink discusses HeyNielsen with comments on Jericho.

"It took less than a day for fans to see what Hey! Nielsen really is — a social network that asks “users” (a word that is well past its prime) to pile into the school gymnasium and have a shouting match. Those with the biggest lungs win. And those with the most outrageous comments get the most attention."

"Hey! Nielsen--What's the Metric?"

"Moreover, the Hey! Nielsen Score is somewhat opaque - we're not sure what's going into it or how it's quantified and weighted to come up with a single number, something that Nielsen addresses somewhat sarcastically on the site. I actually don't think the site is about that one number or the rankings within the different categories."

"One Week Later: Hey! Nielsen Reflections"

"The difference between opinions, comments and ratings within the system has never been well explained, and is not a distinction that is able to be easily translated to fanbases eager to express their support for their show of choice."

"Nielsen Media Research said Thursday that it will consider whether to spike the new ratings rule that this week will allow NBC to add to its "Heroes" audience without reporting an hour in primetime.

When the change took effect Monday with the new TV season, some in the network business cried foul over the fact that NBC would be able to add the unduplicated audience from Saturday's exact replay of "Heroes" to the Monday ratings. The outcry wasn't so much about NBC taking advantage of the rule change but instead that the move would throw the Nielsen daily and weekly programming ratings into question and rate NBC this week on a less-than-22-hour primetime week."

"Ratings, Kid Nation and Jericho"
by Amy Vernon
"Let’s face it. There’s more than enough “reality” television out there. OK, I’m willing to let Kid Nation run a couple more weeks, give it time to get traction. But if Kid Nation can’t survive with all the buzz there was out there for it, let’s bring back Jericho before all its buzz starts to dissipate and fade away."

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