Friday, September 14, 2007

Monster Fan of the Week: Kestral

She votes, she Diggs, she plays games, and she is a hard worker for Jericho.

She supports RFJ & all its' members, comments on articles/blogs, and always brings joy to those who need it. She searches far and wide for new games to entertain us and is an active participant in all projects.

Who is it? Who could it be but our own Kestral-a true Jericho Spirit!!

You're the best, Kestral! Congratulations!!

The last two encore episodes of Jericho Season One will air this weekend on Friday and Saturday!

Friday at 9:00pm~ Coalition of the Willing
Saturday at 8:00pm~ Why We Fight

This is your last chance to let CBS know you are watching, (Other than on Innertube) before season one encores finish.

After you watch send CBS a postcard and/or email them and tell them your age, location, affiliate, if you are a new or regular viewer, your income, your shoe size... as much information as you want to give them.

Thanks to Maybei:

Cast & Characters of Jericho

The Music From Each Episode of Jericho

Jericho Video Player


kestral said...

Thank you for the fan of the week award. I am truly honored. Maybei's pages are simply amazing! Everyone should really check them out!

maybei said...

Kestral is such a positive influence on the messageboards. Her fun spirit and amazing creativity are such an asset to the fans of Jericho!

Briarpatch said...

Three cheers for Kestral!!! And she's right, everybody needs to check out the video/characters/music stuff Maybei did. They area awesome. Great work Rangers!