Friday, September 28, 2007

CBS: Falling Down On the Job

For CBS Chat/Message Board problems:

From the CBS Sportsline site, taken from the contact page...

telephone: 954 351 2120

2200 West Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


These are your contacts for, write, email...make yourself heard.

I sure hope CBS will do something like this when Jericho returns!!!!!!!!

"Spooky Frost Promotes CBS Vampire Show
Open the Supermarket Freezer Door, 'Moonlight' Ad Appears"

"After touching down at the supermarket deli, CBS is moving to the frozen-foods section. The Tiffany network's latest promo for its fall schedule involves frosting the doors of freezers with images for its vampire drama, "Moonlight."

Thanks to a technique CBS calls Visual Ice, shoppers will see the name of the series and its premiere date, which is Friday, on the door of a supermarket freezer. When the door is opened, the image of a moon and the lead character, Alex, become visible."

"I've heard of spin doctoring, but this is simply amazing, or maybe pathetic. I just got a press release from CBS bragging that Wednesday's Kid Nation was the second most watched show of the night among children aged 2 to 11. By next week, CBS will be boasting it was first among parakeets and second among household pets overall."

"ABC's spinoff "Private Practice" and NBC's "Bionic Woman" debuted strong in Wednesday's primetime, with "Bionic" so far the top new drama on TV, while CBS' "Kid Nation" faltered in its second week."

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LisiBee said...

I've got to say, as cool (no pun intended) as the freezer door advertising sounds, that would seriously scare the heck out of me at the supermarket. LOL! Clever, though.

Thanks for the contact info for CBS mods, too. :)