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Jericho Fan Fiction: Sonika87

I've wanted to post some fan fiction for a while but never got around to it. Then, I read this today and was so impressed that I asked our German friend and Jericho fan, Sonika87, if I could use it. She graciously agreed. Enjoy!

"Disclaimer: I don’t own Jericho or any of the Characters! I don’t get money for my writing its all fiction...
I think there are to little Jake & Emily moments in Jericho... or at least too little moments we get to know them a little better, so I decided to try to make a ficcie about them. I first wrote it in German and then translated it into English. Please don’t blame me for my English I know it isn’t perfect.
The ficcie was shorter first but I had so many ideas on this one so I decided to make it longer. It plays after Roger is exiled from Jericho. I know it’s a drama thing and all but I wanted to write something where my favorite characters can be happy ^^ so this is my try and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know!"

Its Emily’s Birthday, a bottle of Vodka and a Conversation between her and Jake…

It was a quiet Day in Jericho. Jake sat in the living room and thought of the things that had happened over the last few days. He couldn’t help it, he didn’t even knew why, but he felt guilty about the reason that Roger had to leave town. He felt guilty because Emily had to go through this again. Another person she loved left town. Fate can be so ironic...
He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t noticed that Gail stood in the room and was watching him.
“Looks like you forgot what day today is“ Gail said and got Jake back to reality.
“What do you mean?” he looked at his Mother with a questioning look.
Gail walked a few Steps to a closet and looked at a photo with Jake and Emily on it.
“I still remember... it was your birthday, you turned 18 and you were so completely drunk that Emily was the one to drive you home... you wouldn’t give her the keys at first. You wanted to drive by yourself... you couldn’t Stop drinking“ she smiled and showed the photo to Jake
“Yeah... it was a crazy day” Jake grinned and slowly he understood what Gail wanted to say “Mom, I know that its her birthday today, I just think that it’s the wrong time… after the Roger-thing… besides I’m the last one who should celebrate something, there are lots of other things I…”
Gail cut him off “You just sound like your father… go visit her. You two didn’t talk to each other for a while, I think its time that you behave yourself like grown ups Jake” she pulled him off the sofa and pushed him to the door. Gail signaled with her hand to Jake that he had to go. Without words, only with a grin and a nod on his face he left the house to visit Emily.
After a while he arrived at Emily’s house. He still thought that the house was great and somehow he regretted that he never would be able to buy Emily a house like this. He shook his head to stop thinking such things, got to the door and knocked „Em... you home?“ he waited a bit and than knocked once again “Emily its Jake!!” nobody opened. He didn’t knew what to think about this, maybe she wasn’t at home or she wouldn’t talk to him. Jake stood a while longer in the front of the house and than decided to go to town. He found himself thinking of what he would do if he was in Emily’s situation, the thing he always did: spending the day at Baileys, drinking the whole day, that was how he resolved problems…

The day was quiet, downtown seemed like a ghost town. Even at Baileys there weren’t more people, besides... it was too just too cold to be out and about. At Baileys there were only a few people including Emily and Mary and a few others that Jake recognized from around town. Emily sat at one of the tables and was chatting with Mary who knew that Emily was going through a hard time right now. Mary noticed that Emily still had her engagement ring on her finger „What are you going to do about this?” asked Mary.
Do about what?“ Emily asked and Mary pointed at the ring “I don’t know, burn it... keep it? Sell it…” she paused “Jake would sell it!” –
“Yeah... he would” Mary laughed “Em... Happy Birthday anyways... I know you don’t feel like celebrating... its not much but…” Mary held a bottle of vodka in her hand and slipped her over to Emily “Do it like Jake.” – “
Yeah... maybe its not such an bad idea…” Emily joked and then there was an awful quiet between the two girls. Emily looked at her ring for the third time today. Mary decided to leave Emily alone a little and kept looking that her customers to make sure they still had something to drink.
Some Minutes later Jake stepped into the bar and he was freezing. It seemed to him like a never-ending road from Emily’s house to Baileys, and with the weather it was even more awful. Perhaps he still had a low temperature from the car crash a few days ago. He gave Mary a greeting and sat down at the bar. “No hero playing for you today?” Mary joked.
Jake answered “Mom wont allow it today... stupid huh? I m 32 years old and still listening to what my mother says…” he grinned turned around and looked in Emily’s direction and saw that she was starring out of the window without blinking.
“Want something to drink?” Mary asked and put a glass in front of him. He thanked her and took a nip. “You didn’t came here to drink did you?” no answer from Jake. Mary grinned a while longer and than turned back to work.
After a while of thinking Jake stood up went over and sat down at Emily’s table and the bottle of vodka which was standing in front of her. He cut her off from thinking about Roger “
“Hey... – Hey..” she greeted back and slipped back to reality. Jake didn’t really know what he could say right now. He wasn’t really good about things like this, he still thought that he was a screw up and still felt guilty about what happened to Roger. “Em... listen I…” he started and Emily cut him off
“Its okay… Jake… I know you think its your fault but it isn’t…” Jake didn’t said a word. It was silent between them for a while and then Emily suddenly started “You forgot it right?”
Jake had that questioning look on his face but than he understood “No! … Okay… yeah I forgot… Mom had to remind me about it.”
Emily smiled “I knew it! … but I understand you had lots of things happening to you… and your family of course…” Jake nodded and drank some more
“Happy Birthday!” he said smiling and Emily nodded signaling that she was thanking him. Jake took a look at the bottle that was still standing on the table “We should celebrate…let’s celebrate… its your day.” Jake said and pointed to the vodka.
“You sure that you want to be carried home by ME? We don’t have a car today“… Emily wanted to be sure that Jake knew what he was just doing. He nodded with a grin on his face.
Emily considered a while and looked at her engagement ring... again. She touched it gently and finally slipped it off her finger. She put it at the table in front of Jake “You wanna sell it?“ she joked and Jake started laughing.
They both looked at each other and Emily finally opened the bottle. Meanwhile, Jake went to get another glass from Mary. When he returned, Emily felt the need for his reassurance again. “Jake… are you sure about this?”….. he nodded once again…..“Okay…” Emily said and poured some of the Vodka into the glasses.

After a short while the alcohol showed his strength. Not that you can tell that they were drunk but you could tell that it wouldn’t take more to be. Emily nipped her drink and then said “Jake... about that time we danced…”
Jake nodded and answered “No…. Its okay… I know that we should have talked but Roger needed you then… like you said, we should have grown up so…”
Emily looked at him puzzled and grinned “Oh come on…!”
Jake looked outside the window and grinned “God I hate this town…”
“Yeah I know... that’s why you left... and left me behind... Alone…” Emily said with a sad voice and swallowed the confession with the vodka.
Jake looked her in the eyes an he could swear that he saw her blushing “I didn’t leave you... after a time, YOU decided to left ME...“
Emily looked up to him and she knew that he was right. She didn’t know if she should tell him how the whole thing really was... She thought a while and sighed, “I didn’t know what to do, and I swore to god that there wouldn’t be someone else in my life... I was dating Roger a long time... After you left, I didn’t want to be alone anymore...“
Jake nodded “I don’t blame you... its just, we hadn’t really a opportunity to talk about... Us”
Emily kept quiet a while and then asked “What about you? What did you do the whole time? You could have called…”
“ – „Em... Stop it…”
No Jake! You owe me!” this last sentence was like a stab in his stomach.
He bit his lips “You really wanna know?” he asked this question in a very serious tone Serious enough that even Emily got insecure about wanting to know the answer to her question. She hesitated and than nodded. Jake once again bite his lips drank his last draught and filled his glass once again while Emily’s Glass was half filled.
“Flying Planes…” he suddenly said and Emily started to laugh.
“You’re a liar... if it was just that, you could have called... you could have said something about that... I m not stupid ... What happened in this five years, Jake?“
“Em... from all of the people around me you know me best you know that, not even my Mom knows me the way you do, it took me a long time until I was able to tell her everything…” he said but Emily didn’t understand
“What do you mean?” Emily asked.
Jake shook his head “I did some bad things and I’m not proud of it... my whole life I found myself doing things I m not proud of…”
Emily nodded and slowly understood that it was more than just a thing that Jake kept to himself. It was a secret he couldn’t talk about. Not yet. She knew that whatever he did, she couldn’t get him to talk, not now.
“Its okay... I m sorry... its just, I really missed you Jake... its hard to believe but I missed you even when Roger was by my side…”
Jake couldn’t believe what he was hearing; perhaps it was the alcohol that spoke.
He sighed, “When Mom first told me that you got engaged... I was in San Diego searching for a bar to get myself completely drunk... my friend Freddy had to pick me up...“ it took a while for Emily to realize what Jake just said and then she started laughing.
“Like I said... you love it to see me like this... you are cruel…” he joked and started laughing too.
They both felt so good after their talk…..It was good to feel this open to each other. Jake knew that Emily knew he still had feelings for her, everyone knew. He really couldn’t forget her even when he was in San Diego... Emily tried to push the thoughts of him away but instead she found herself once again at Jakes side...

Jericho got dark and even more quiet. Emily and Jake still sat at Baileys and Jake had reached his level at being completely drunk. Emily knew from the beginning that it would end like this and all she could do right now was giggling about Jakes behavior. She had to pull on him a while until he finally was able to push the door open and get out in the even colder night. Their walk home was something you almost cannot describe. It was a mixture of hobbling and walking with a hint of slipping. They walked into the direction of the Green’s house and Emily laughed the whole way. “I knew that it would end like this…” Jake said something Emily didn’t really understood “Its okay Jake... you really need some sleep…”
At the Green’s house, Gail opened the door and couldn’t help but grin as she saw her first born totally drunk walk into the house “Old Times huh?”
Emily nodded and rubbed her hands to get them warm “Okay ehm... I better go now... Good night!” but Gail cut her off
“Honey, listen its really not good to be alone right now, we lost April... you lost Roger we all shouldn’t be alone right now... in this House is enough room for all of us..” Emily knew that you couldn’t refuse Gail once she offered for her to stay the night, so she helped Gail with Jake. She really had to laugh about him the whole time Gail and Jake argued and so she found herself remembering the old times – how Gail would say.
Finally Gail won the battle with Jake and got him to bed. Both Gail and Emily sat in the living room “He is 32 years old but when he’s drunk... he still IS a baby…” she paused “Did you two talk?“ she wanted to know.
“Yeah... kind of…” Emily answered and looked down.
“Did he tell you?” Gail continued questioning and Emily shook her head
“I tried to get him to talk but he wouldn’t tell me... he needs time…” she paused and then looked at Gail “I want to hear it from him when he’s ready.”
Gail nodded and said “I wont tell you Honey,... I promised him…” they kept silent a while and then Emily suddenly said, “I didn’t know he still felt that way about me…”
Gail smiled “Look at yourself, that engagement with Roger, we all know why you said yes then…” Emily laughed and shook her head at the same time.
The house was silent again. You could just hear the snoring from Johnston and Jake. Gail and Emily still sat in the living room, not saying a word.

The next Morning Jake came downstairs and groaned. The rest of the family sat in the kitchen and grinned as Jake entered the room. “What?” Johnston shook his head. “You should stop drinking son…” „
“Oh come on dad it was Emily’s birthday and it was just one drink…”
“One drink?!” his father asked and Jake gave him just an annoyed look. “If you could see you…” Emily grinned and Jake gave her another annoyed look. Gail grinned, she loved to have them all in her kitchen laughing, joking and arguing around, even if she knew that all of them had a hard time and nothing was normal anymore.

Jake and Emily were on the way to Emily’s house. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you... Again.“ Jake said with a grin
“I m used to it…” Emily grinned back and after a while of silence she said “Look Jake,.... I don’t know how much of yesterday you still remember... I just wanted you to know that…”
Jake continued her sentence “That you were serious about what you said? Yeah... so was I…”
Emily smiled at him “Good…”
They arrived at Emily’s house and they stood there looking at each other. “Thanks for the nice day... it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had I think…” she joked .
“You’re welcome…” he grinned back and blinked.
“Okay... I better go now…” Emily turned around and wanted to go into the house but Jake grabbed her arm and pulled her in his direction. He embraced her and whispered into her ear “I m sorry... for everything.“ Emily smiled. They were just standing there and couldn’t let go of each other. It brought back everything that was so familiar to them. After a while Emily let go of him and gently touched his cheek “I m sorry for saying that you should be the one dead...I…” Jake didn’t answer, he didn’t say a word. He leaned forward put his arms around her and kissed her gently...
Both knew that their relationship was complicated. Both knew that after all these years they still had feelings for each other. Fate brought them back together...


terocious said...

Hi Sonika,

I found myself watching this like an episode in my mind. You captured the essence of each character very well. Your command of english is amazing especially when taking the translation from german into account. Very well done. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

i'm also a great fan of jericho.My friend john suggest me to watch jerico online.After that i just addicted to this show.