Friday, September 21, 2007

CBS: Where Do They Go From Here?

"One of these days, maybe not tomorrow, next week or next month, but perhaps by next year, I believe Nielsen will be forced into consolidated ratings instead of breaking out that which is available only via cable or satellite separately from broadcast."

"CBS aims to be the talk of the Web"

"Instead of limiting their shows and other online video to, the network is letting them couple with any website that people might visit.

"CBS is all about open, nonexclusive, multiple partnerships," said Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive."

"A year ago, Jericho, which CBS nearly canceled because of low ratings, averaged 11.7 million viewers in the same time slot."

Dan Would Rather Sue CBS -- For $70M!

"Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against the network, Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses."

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