Monday, September 10, 2007

Jericho Promotion Month

Jericho Promotion Month, September 2007
A Proclamation by Jericho Rally Point

It is DO OR DIE TIME for the promotion of Jericho..."It is vital that Jericho fans regain that motivation and passion that brought CBS to the decision to give fans seven more episodes. Fans need to recognize the historical achievements that they made four months ago and ensure that Jericho can count on them to do everything in their power to keep it alive."

NOW, THEREFORE, JERICHO RALLY POINT do hereby proclaim September 2007 as JERICHO PROMOTION MONTH. We call upon the people of the Jericho fandom to observe this month with the appropriate actions and activities comparable to those displayed from May 16- June 6, 2007. These activities include resuming the promotion of Jericho wherever you can, however you can. This is our last chance to show CBS that we are serious. We invite all the Jericho fans from all the boards, blogs and sites to join us to Promote Jericho (heavily) through the month of September 2007. Dust off some of the old ideas and share them with your fellow Rangers and lets make sure Jericho lives a long, long time.

Jericho Rally Point

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SaveJake said...

I have been traveling...while doing so, I have been able to promote Jericho to a whole new group of people. It's been a blast!!! They can't wait for the DVD the music...and of course want to be part of The Jericho Revolution!

There are still so many people who never heard of the show or the NUTS Campaign...Let's spread the word!

Long Live Jericho