Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kid Nation and Jericho

"What were 'Kid Nation' parents thinking?"
By Maureen Ryan
Tribune television critic

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Read the contract parents had to sign here.

"Networks should take more cues from their audiences"

TV Viewer Bill of Rights

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Rebecca said...

You know? Every summer camp I ever attended or sent my children to had a highly qualified camp nurse, couselors, and adult supervisors ,whose only interest was supporting children. I don't see how Kid Nation can be billed as a "summer camp experience," when there is an obvious conflict of interest on the part of all the adults involved. Their goal is good drama, not an environment of enrichment for every child in attendance. Under these conditions, at the very least, there should have been a child psychologist and a pediatrician on hand whose job it was to safeguard the children rather than the production. So I have to ask, what were these parents thinking?

There are just some decisions you don't leave in the hands of a child. Sometimes a child doesn't know when it's in his best interest to stop doing something and go home. If they did, they wouldn't need things like curfews and limits. Someone has to look out for the interests of the children involved. When a parent relinquishes the kinds of rights these parents did, I have to wonder if they are the right people for the job.

AND THEY DRANK BLEACH!? I'm pretty sure the kids at the camp I went to only pretended to eat Comet. The risk of getting sick came more from overloading on the green candy they used to turn their mouths green than the risky ingestion of household cleaser. Kid Nation isn't any kind of "camp" I'd be interested in letting my child attend.