Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jericho: Firefly to Veronica Mars

" How To Advocate For A Threatened TV Show"

"Plenty of TV shows get canceled. Some of those have an incredibly loyal fanbase who, upon announcement of a show’s impending doom, leap into action to try to rescue the show. This almost never happens, and can be a lot of wasted energy. After all, it’s only a TV show. Popular examples include Jericho, Firefly and My So-Called Life.

Jericho is a rare, partial exception to the ‘dead show walking’ syndrome."

"Hey! Nielsen: Giving Voice to Internet Fandom"

"Users are able to do three things:

* Post their own opinions about TV Shows, Movies, Celebrities, Music and Internet sites like Jericho Monster or TelevisionWithoutPity.
* React to other people’s opinions and post comments about their agreement/disagreement.
* Rate each TV Show/Movie/etc. based on their own preference so people can view their profile and get an idea of their personal taste."

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Fans. From Firefly and Jericho to Star Trek and Veronica Mars. Sometimes they are instrumental in driving shows to the top of the pack and other times they become monsters that send 40,000 pounds of nuts. This group explores it all.

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khushi said...

The show ran on CBS from September 20, 2006 through March 25, 2008. It was initially canceled after its first full season due to poor ratings. While a fan campaign was able to convince the network to bring the show back for a seven-episode second season, it was canceled for a second time after that run.Jericho is a rare, partial exception to the ‘dead show walking’ syndrome."