Monday, September 10, 2007

Operation Skippy For Jericho

Send CBS a nice polite letter about your disappointment in them for their lack of Jericho promotion. Before you seal the envelope peel the label off of your peanut butter jar and enclose it in the envelope as a reminder of times past.

Yes, CBS, today its peanut butter jar labels.... tomorrow.... who knows. Jericho fans are capable of anything.

Idea from Callisto925 of Jericho Rally Point

The New Nielsen Ratings:

"It’s official: Nielsen Media Research, which has measured television audiences for half a century, is introducing a new ratings system that will be used by the TV networks and the ad agencies that buy time on them.

It will measure, minute-by-minute, viewership for the commercial breaks, as opposed to the entire program. Networks have agreed to transmit an audio code (you won’t hear it) whenever there is a break. This tone will signal to the electronic meters used by Nielsen that the next 60 seconds are to count toward the commercial rating."

*** Since the network signals the meters used by Nielsen then all DVR's would have to have a meter for the network to signal but they don't.

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