Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TV Moments: 2007

"But what about those moments in your favorite (or even not-so-favorite) shows that pretty much made you swallow your tongue with shock or fall off the sofa with laughter? What about those singular moments that just left you sitting where you were, long after the credits rolled, saying, “WTF?” And how about those moments that just made you mad.

Your friends here at Remote Access wracked our brains for the moments that most shocked, amused, confused and infuriated us over the past year."

Great writeup about Mimi and the chicken and more.

"It's been pretty quiet due to the Holidays, so I've had time to think about the Save the Dresden Files Campaign, to look back on all we've done in 2007...and to wonder how in the world I got so involved!

If anyone had asked me at this time last year about how I planned on spending 2007, I can say with complete certitude that helping run a campaign to save a television show would not have been on the list."

"The Nielsen Company and HBO recently announced that Nielsen will begin measuring the programming available on HBO's subscription video on demand (SVOD) services – HBO On Demand and Cinemax on Demand – making HBO the first company to receive television ratings for its on-demand offerings."

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