Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Supernatural Returns January 31

"Last week, I wrote about several series that are either returning or coming back over the next few months. There were some that I didn’t mention because I didn’t have confirmation that they were returning and when. One of those is Supernatural, one of the best series running these days. I’m happy to report that The CW has confirmed that Supernatural will return with new episodes on January 31st. There won’t be many new episodes though because creator Eric Kripke mentions in an interview with TV.com that they were only able to complete 12 episodes of season 3 before having to stop production due to the writer’s strike. Since we’ve already seen 8 of those episodes, which aired last fall, we only have four more to look forward to and I don’t think the strike is going to over within the next month. So, will these 12 be all we get for this season?"

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