Thursday, January 3, 2008

Entertainment Bits

"Meet Harry Dresden, the only wizard in Chicago's phone book and the star of the Sci Fi Channel television show "The Dresden Files." Across a season of 13 episodes, he's battled a brainwashed woman, a seductive femme fatale vampire, a serial killer who stole people's second chances and the evil side of his roommate Bob.

Based on a books by Jim Butcher, the series had to tone down some of the high budget pyrotechnics and quirky humor in the books and fought with episodes shown out of their planned order. This made the series seem weak at first, as might be expected. As the series continued, however, it grew stronger."

Nice entertainment blog. Movies, celebrities, videos, and lots of links.
Check it out. I like it!

"The formal establishment of the Texas Rangers in 1835 (the force had existed unofficially since 1823) marked an important milestone in the ongoing struggle between white settlers and Native American tribes in the Southwest. "Comanche Moon," a lavish fictionalized account of the Rangers' adventures in the years leading up to the Civil War premieres on CBS Sunday, Jan. 13, and continues Tuesday, Jan. 15, and Wednesday, Jan. 16, 9-11 p.m. EST each night."

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