Monday, January 7, 2008

CBS: Baring Britney

If anybody had told me I'd one day blog about Britney Spears I would have called them Nuts! Yet, here I am. Why?

Britney is a beautiful girl with talent and too much money. So many people bad mouth her and wish her harm yet nobody taught her how to handle fame. I know I wouldn't know how to handle the fame or the money. What's most disheartening to me is that the press and others just want to use her.

How much does her photo sell for now? The girl can't walk without cameras in her face. And now Dr. Phil rides in on his white horse.

"Hasn't CBS made the most of Britney Spears' problems? It's enough to give you the creeps.

There was Dr. Phil McGraw on Monday's edition of CBS' "The Early Show" explaining why he had jumped into the singer's crisis.

"I went to see Britney at the request of her family," Dr. Phil told. He said he talked to her parents and brother, and they were frustrated that she wouldn't be held longer at a hospital.

Kevin Frazier of "Entertainment Tonight" interviewed McGraw for this "Early Show" exclusive. Here's why it's an "Early Show" exclusive. "Dr. Phil" and "Entertainment Tonight" are offerings of CBS Television Distribution. And "The Early Show" needed the gossipy story as it started its latest revamp Monday to build ratings for CBS. Funny, but "The Early Show" didn't explain these connections."

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