Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jericho: Carol Barbee

"The fortunate part of the upcoming second season is that Jericho is one of the few original scripted programs that will be on the air because the seven episodes were written before the writers strike. Plus, in order to avoid another similar fan outcry the seven episode story arc will have a beginning, middle and end. The 7th episode, while providing closure does leave the door open for continuing episodes, however."

"With the writers strike now being felt on network television, “Jericho” may stand a stronger chance for renewal than ever before as many channels have begun airing reruns of other shows and are now relying on reality television to draw an audience. With a lack of strong scripted dramas available, “Jericho” is now in the enviable place of having new episodes to show to a clearly loyal fanbase.

But how will the strike affect the pickup of the series? Barbee admitted that although CBS won’t be able to order new episodes with writers at the picket lines but they will certainly announce their plans for the show."

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alpha99wolf said...

Thanks for this article. Very well written. Glad to hear that Jericho episodes were written prior to the strike. This gives it more of a fighting chance to continue & increase its already-loyal fan base.