Sunday, January 27, 2008

WGA Demands

"The Writers Guild of America's demands for reality TV and animation jurisdiction are officially off the table.

The WGA said so Tuesday in confirming its informal talks with studio chiefs, aimed at getting stalled contract negotiations back on track. Scribes may not end up accepting contract terms similar to the Directors Guild of America's, but the move follows the directors' lead by first meeting informally with studio executives under the cover of a press blackout."

"Evangeline Lilly

* Birthplace: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
* Birthday: August 3, 1979

Ever since Lana Turner’s miraculous discovery at Schwab’s drugstore (or the Top Hat CafĂ©, depending on the source), the myth of being discovered at random in Hollywood has permeated American culture. Most often, however, actors and actresses make it in the business through years of hard work, undaunted determination, and, perhaps, a bit of casting coach expertise."

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alpha99wolf said...

I enjoyed the article regarding Evangeline Lilly. It now explains why I've been sitting at various drugstores all in vain. When I went to California in my younger days, the only stars I met were stuntmen. I was only termed a "movie star" by a young man who saw me on vacation with my family in Tijuana. It is true - actors/actresses pay their dues for many years before becoming famous. Unless they are related to someone higher up in the field. This article on Evangeline Lilly was interesting. She is a beautiful lady who has a promising career.