Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Margie and Edna Need You

Rich of Copywrite Ink has an interesting post today. I enjoyed his discussion concerning bloggers as consumers and "possibly customers." He makes some good points and, as always, makes us think.

Okay folks, here’s your chance to get some advice from Jericho’s #1 gossip mavens. Do you have a question for Margie and Edna? Submit your questions, and Margie and Edna will tackle your toughest post-apocalyptic problems and concerns. You may submit a question either for an existing Jericho character, or for yourself. However, if you submit a question for yourself, it must be as if you are living in Jericho or New Bern—no real world problems allowed.

Send your questions to: sweat1951@rock.com, put “Ask Margie and Edna” in the subject line. We reserve the right to edit questions for length, spelling, etc. Please bear in mind, it’s possible that not all questions will be selected to be answered. Keep watching this space, maybe Margie and Edna will answer your question next!


Rich said...

Sure, that sounds like fun. Are you better off staying in a city or attempting to escape to more rural area like Jericho. :)


Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Rich. There'll be an answer coming soon.