Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marketing Television

"Sixty-two percent of marketers believe traditional TV ads have become less effective during the last two years. Given that belief, it's no surprise that close to half of them already have experimented with other ad formats that work with digital video recorders or video-on-demand programs. And more than 50% of marketers reported that when half of all TV households use DVRs, they will cut spending on TV advertising by 12%.

Eighty-seven percent of advertisers believe branded entertainment is the key to TV advertising in the coming year, and 65% of them are eager to try ads in online TV shows."

"To CW Network:
We, the undersigned fans, want Supernatural renewed for a 4th season. Supernatural makes Thursday nights one of the best nights on TV. We love this show too much to let it go off the air without a fight.

Please sign this petition and show your support for a Supernatural Season 4. Send it to your friends, family, co-workers, put the petition widget on your MySpace and FaceBook page. Let's not see another great show become a memory."


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Did you know allows you to put their petition on your blogger page? You can put the actually petition here and people can sign and comment on your blog. Check it out. For Supernatural:

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