Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jericho: The Underrated

"I think that if CBS doesn’t pick Jericho up for a 3rd season, they’ll be making a terrible mistake. Everyone knows that Jericho is a fantastic underrated show. By now everyone understands that the Rating system is completely flawed and overrated, no pun intended."

"The price of a TV commercial routinely runs into the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if that wasn't enough, the three oldest broadcast-TV networks have for decades required another fistful of cash known as an "integration fee." Two big ad-industry trade groups are now fighting to keep that money in advertisers' coffers."

"Will couch potatoes give up their ability to skip ads if they can watch a program at a time of their own choosing? ABC is making its best-known programs available to media distributors who can promise exactly that, prompting a hot debate over whether advertisers should follow."

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