Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jericho: Whack -The -Mole

Remember how Jericho fans showed CBS that they were not being counted by Nielsen ratings? We told CBS that everybody should be counted. Well, Nielsen made a little stab at it but nothing much has changed.

Now Nielsen has a plan to track how many people are watching a TV show via computer.Don't get excited though. This plan won't be introduced until the end of this year. Notice I said introduced and not implemented.

"Last year, when Nielsen came under fire by the fans of several cancelled television shows, I had some faith they could fix it," says Richard Becker of Copywrite Ink.

"Nowadays, it seems more that they are playing whack-the-mole. There is no clear focus. They have to fix the rating system that drive entertainment decisions before they can hope to provide better analytics for something a simple Google program or StatCounter can do."

Thanks Rich. Whack-the-mole seems to fit well here.

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