Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jericho: The Return

"This week’s second-season premiere of “Jericho” will now repeat on CBS Saturday (Feb. 16) at 8 p.m. -- perhaps a tiny test of whether the series now airing Tuesdays at 10 should return to an earlier time slot. I can’t be the only critic getting emails from parents outraged that their kids’ once-favorite show has returned at a weeknight hour too late for them to stay up for.

The episode is also streaming online at CBS’ extensive “Jericho” site, either with or without commentary."

"Whether Jericho fizzles back out due to incredulous audiences refusal to give the new plot a try, or if the series pulls off what seems to be the impossible and builds an audience sizable enough to warrant a full season renewal, it certainly can be said that the Jericho crew took CBS’s cancellation and subsequent revival as a mandate to deliver something worthy of a second chance. Jericho 2.0 is definitely worth a second glance."

"Al Norton: Fact. I have written it before and will do so again here - the return of Jericho is the greatest accomplishment of the TV Viewer in my lifetime. Bringing a show back from the dead simply doesn't happen, so all who sent nuts to CBS deserve high praise. What makes it even better is that these episodes are the same high quality as where the series left off last spring. I have seen the first four of the year and can tell you they have not lost one iota of their trademark intensity, while at the same time boosting the heart of the show with more of the Stanley-Mimi relationship; how Alicia Coppola continues to fly under the radar screen is beyond me. Esai Morales is a fine addition to the cast, and while I know there are some Skeet haters out there, he is a very good fit as Jake. On some level whether or not the show does well is beside the point, that the triumph is simply in the resurrection, but I do hope Jericho meets with some success as it will encourage other networks to consider second chances in the future."

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