Sunday, February 3, 2008

TV: Second By Second

Jericho brought attention to the Nielsen ratings by showing that viewers were watching online and not just on TV. CBS quickly learned how many viewers Jericho actually had. This began a move to find a way to measure online viewers of any show.

It appears the advertisers are finally jumping on board as well. It's no longer enough for them to know age, race, and gender. Advertisers are now interested in learning how those viewers who watch commercials watch TV. "Advertisers want to know what makes consumers stick with one program, or how they jump from one channel to the next and why."

The landscape has changed. Advertisers want to know what you're watching in seconds not half hours or hours. It'll be interesting to see how this works as CBS has joined with TiVo and TNS Media Research and DirecTV have formed a panel
"whose viewing patterns would also be measured on second-by-second basis."

How will February Sweeps be affected by the writer's strike?

Will Fox take the prize?

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