Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fighting For Journeyman

While browsing for Journeyman websites I found this one from Australia. I wanted to know more so I asked the owner, Edgeman, to tell me why he started this site and more about Journeyman.

Here's what he said:

"Journeyman started on Australian TV in it's "out-of-ratings" period, which as a start is pretty bad, it means the Australian TV network that showed it (channel ten) did not have much faith in it. Funnily enough they started "Everybody Loves Raymond" exactly the same way, and it took a couple of seasons for them to bring it to prime-time, and within ratings season.

To make matters worse Channel Ten have now moved this (my favourite show) to their Hidh-Definition channel, which means I can no longer watch the show (I don't have a HD set-top box). Luckily there are other means of watching TV shows these days!

I started my web site as soon as I heard that the show was not being renewed. This is the first time I have come out to support a show like this (and yes, I watched Jericho, and many, many other shows that have been cancelled prematurely to be replaced by reality tv dribble).

The purpose of my web site, and please bear in mind it's growing is to provide easy resources for other fans to show their support, it's an "add-on" site to savejourneyman. I found it difficult to get all the resources I needed in one spot (faxes, e-mail addresses, links, etc, etc), so I built my site. I am also about to publish another round of fax / letter templates, again, to make it easier for others to show their support. My feeling is that a lot of people really like the show, and will even post here on savejourneyman.net, but I want those voices, those people heard by NBC & FOX directly.

I am passionate about this show because of the show itself. It is not only the first show that I've come across with SCI-FI concepts that my wife likes and enjoys (almost) as much as me, I just found it to be the perfect package for a show. In terms of acting, script, location, concepts, etc... for me, it's got it all and I believe it would appeal to many, many people (given some proper promotion, lead-in and a good timeslot!!)."


Chris said...

I appreciate what you have written. It is great to know there are others out there all over the world that have had a chance to watch Journeyman and enjoyed it. I can only hope with the amount of people that have shown interest in the show it will get NBC's attention so that they will bring the show back. It is encouraging to know others are out there picking their battles and doing what they can to bring the show back. Cheers! I know it also helps to be posting on the Hey Neilson website, people are taking notice.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Chris. That's what matters- your passion and dedication. If you need some inspiration and/or campaign tips visit:


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